Can I plane a bit off the bottom of a composite door please?

16 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Brought a made to measure composite door from Global Doors a few months ago and am having a lot of problems with it.

It's at this time that I wished I paid for a professional install rather than DIY :D

What's happening is the bottom of the door is sticking badly, where the weather seal is, to the point it's ripped the rubber off 1/2 of it.

The door is fitted square, there is an equal gap all around the sides and top (between door and door frame).

Today I took the door off and put a concrete lintel underneath it to replace the bricks, making 100% sure it is level. I've wedged/packed the frame in place and again it's got a completely even gap around 3 sides, the left-hand side of the bottom is around a 5 mm gap between the door and the threshold, the right-hand is touching it.

Makes no sense to me, if there was uneven gaps around the sides and top then yes, it's not aligned properly, but apart from the bottom, everything is even.

So I've been thinking, the easiest thing to do would be to take the weather seal off the bottom of the door and plain a bit off the right hand side until there is an even gap all around.

Does this sound like a feasible/good idea please?

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You have to be careful with some of these doors as once you mess with the bottom, rain can then run down the door and penetrate the chipboard core which then expands and the face de laminates

See the manufacturers guidelines for reducing the particular door you have
Managed to fix it.

Removed door frame

Unscrewed where the threshold joins the vertical upright on the side where it's sticking and inserted some packing, effectively lengthening the upright on the side that was sticking by a few mm

Put the frame back in, packing underneath the threshold on the other side (side with correct gap) a few mm, and it shuts perfectly.
Good result, and a better way of sorting this out than messing with the door
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Good job.
On the majority of doors now though you get adjustable hinges that adjust vertically and horizontally so you can usually tinker with those to get it to shut properly providing your frame is square to start with.

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