Can I use a Sky router as a second wifi i.e. booster?

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
I have a spare Sky router the type which plugs into phone line, not the type which plugs into a open reach box.

I expected to be able to access the configure files and reset it to work as a second wifi point however I don't seem to be able to open the page, it asks for name and password and although I have typed in what it says on label it does not accept it as the access code.

Is there a way, or is the access name and password a Sky special?
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The default is...

username: admin
password: sky

...not the long code you type into your devices. If that doesn't work hold down the reset button to set everything back to default.
OK if old sky box is no good what about one of these? It states:-
Improves Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home from a wall socket. Easy to install with one touch WPS. Ideal for streaming music, videos or online gaming. No plug-in adaptors so sockets are kept free. Includes USB charging socket, ideal for phones and tablets.

Is this going to be the easy way? OK at £35 not cheap, but if it stops things dropping out all the time, may be worth it. At moment using a hard wired connection, but mother drives her JCB (self propelled wheel chair) in to tables, chairs and over cables, so don't want hard wires that she can pull or run over.
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Just bought a couple of wifi extenders from Asda , £15 each , plug and play.
Swapped dongles around using larger one on laptop remote from hub and small one on local desktop, I think I have a phone line problem, and what ever I do will not help until phone line fixed.