can micro bore heating pipes be joined

31 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
I have discovered a leaking and fairly corroded micro bore radiator feed pipe.I cannot tighten the connection into the radiator valve anymore than it is. With the end of the micor bore pipe from the floor to the rad valve so corroded is it possible to renew just a short section of the pipe to the rad valve? I don't think I will be able to reach the manifold as the outside hall floor of the room has been tiled! I can open the wooden floor next to the radiator and can see that the pipe is in good condition under the floor. It seems that the leaking rad valve joint has been the cause of the corroded pipe.
Thanks in anticipation
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Careful when you do cut the pipe, very easily deformed and to get a good solder joint will be difficult. Use a junior hacksaw for minimal disruption to the pipe, debur, clean, flux up and solder!
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If the radiator valve is suitable, some would replace the pipe from the rad. valve to below floor level with a piece of 15mm. Reducers are available to do the job.

15mm is a bit more robust, putting up with odd knocks and dings better than microbore, and many say it looks a bit better.
Would look a bit odd if you only did one end of a rad. though.
I was faced with the same dilemma, I bought an 8mm pipe cutter and a little bit of fresh 8mm microbore, straight compression joint and voila it was fixed in no time.

My plumber mate says its a right git to solder a good joint on old microbore...
My plumber mate says its a right git to solder a good joint on old microbore...

Aye :?: :?:

I think from the pic message i sent from my phone my case applies as the pipe bore was slightly kinked and also it was a git to access it without tearing down everything around it. He said of course can use solder joint, but.. if it starts leaking you will defo need to tear down the skirting board :(

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