can someone ideitify this type of window/frame

29 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Need to get the glazing on my garden office but as my cladding if counter battened there's a nasty gap that I need to bridge. My initial thought was to line the openings with grey capping board as it would overlap the external cladding making a tidy weather proof edge and would leave a fully lined opening to fit the new window within. I've just however seen the picture below and though this is probably easier (and neater). Could someone identify this type of window and door frame so I can see if they're feasible. Also how weather proof is a door like this as normally the frame would include a cill with drainage holes and this looks to be without this...

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Its just a basic open out pvc door and window sprayed grey at source, drainage wise it'll be face drained seeing as theres no cill
Thanks but what do I search for online to find doors and windows with frames that overlap the exterior cladding as all the ones I've seen are set back in the window reveal.. Sorry dumb question I know :(
What you would need is an outer frame made out of opener/sash profile which would give you 15mm (estimate) overlap but hopefully a few fabricators will see this thread and advise better, i doubt a search engine would find what you need, probably best to speak face to face with some DG companies
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These are 'odd legged frames'. The profile is approx 40mm smaller on the inside. Commonly used in caravans. Sprayed as crank said, most companies will supply.
Google odd leg windows
Ah thanks. Are they a good idea? they seems to be difficult to find... The only reason I was looking at them is due to there being a gap between my window frame and the exterior cladding due to the counter batons so I have a nasty gap to hide/bridge. Have considered lining the window frame with capping fascia boards as this would bridge the gap and overlap my cladding, also taking care of any shrinkage. Once the window frame was lined I would then be ready to install my windows. I guess usually people would line the window frame with timber (perhaps 5x1) and extend to the edge of the cladding to cover the gap? My cladding will weather to silver and I expect 5x1 will need either painting or something so was going to go for a plastic to match the window frames. Does this sound gash?
They are not hard to find just not advertised like normal windows, go to a local uPVC supplier and give them the internal size you would like and tell them you need odd leg windows and doors, they are probaly not sprayed looks like foiled ral 7016
Just noticed by looking ever so closely that the door and window in the photo actually are odd leg and face drained, how you can tell that its a foil though is anyones guess lol!
so got a local DG company out today who said the profile was odd leg however they said they were a bit 'old hat' and finding ones in grey would be difficult. I asked how they drained and if they were any good but they guy didn't really have any info as he said they were more suited to mobile homes than timber frame buildings so not really something they usually do.

Perhaps they're not great so I should look to use fascia capping to edge my cladding and bridge the gap? Seems like there's very few places online that list them...
I imagine it was the salesman that come out, not knowing anything about face drain is poor!!!! Saying they're 'old hat' is total rubbish!!!!
I did wonder but didn't want to judge as it's something I know little about. So they're not 'old hat' or a bad solution. The way he said they were used on mobile homes made them sound like a temp or bodge... I think they look like a good way to bridge my gap and weather seal at the same time...

now to try and find a supplier who doesn't take 6 weeks and does a decent spec/quality product
@crank I say foiled as I do not know anyone who does or has had sprayed, foiled 7016 is a standard foil from most profile suppliers. At the op there is nothing wrong with odd leg and face drain salesman know nothing just want your money. Send me the details
Theres a company up in Dewsbury, Yorkshire where one of the local engineers holds an account for all his day to day bits, they spray all sorts for everybody, from individual trims to full conservatories, also spray composite doors for eurocell, door stop and more...

Incidentally i have some windows to fit soon in 7016, anthracite grey i believe it is, not coming from kolorseal but from my local eurocell fabricator as you say its a stock colour, going in a barn conversion
Here are the details, thanks:

Size(W+H): 1063 x 1958mm (single clear glass panel with outer grey frame)
Colour: Grey
Handles: Chrome
Hinges, grey if possible unless they're hidden
Inc all cills, frames, drainage channels
Fully pre hung no flat pack
Opening: As you look at the door on the outside I want the handle on the right so the door swing open outwards to the left

Long window: (three windows in one outer frame, all the same size and opening individually)
Size(W+H): 2040 x 667mm
Colour: Grey
Handles: Chrome
Inc all cills, frames, drainage channels
Opening: hinged on the top so they swing out

Small Window:
Size(W+H): 712 x 672mm
Colour: Grey
Handles: Chrome
Inc all cills, frames, drainage channels
Opening: hinged on the top so they swing out

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