Can't find a manhole cover & frame to fit - anywhere!

21 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
The manhole cover in my drive has corroded and the frame is broken.
I thought it would be a simple case of buying a new frame with a cover and putting it in. That is where the nightmare started!

The house was built in 1960 and all houses in the area use the same size manhole covers. The actual hole measures 62cm by 48cm, measured between the bricks on the walls under the drive. So I need a frame that is bigger than the hole, to sit on the bricks and support the cover.

No one has been able to help so far and I have spent ages taking photos, getting precise measurements and buying products that are not the sizes advertised, then having all the trouble of getting refunds.

The last one I bought was from Clark Drain (via Travis Perkins), but it was smaller than the catalogue stated, so didn't fit. (CLKS762KMB) It should have been 70cm by 55cm, but is was 62cm by 57cm. The company couldn't explain why and didn't want to help. The design was also different and they had all the photos and measurements!

I've tried lots of companies such as Peter-Savage, who offered one about 8inches bigger on each side, which is too big. I called in to Jewson who suggested digging the driveway up and fitting new drains, also BuildCenter who just offered a plastic frame that would fall down the hole.
B&Q and Wickes only sell a pressed steel cover and plastic frame.

I've lost count of how many companies I have contacted now.

This manhole frame and cover was fitted between 1960 and 1988 as far as I can tell - so it must have been a standard size at one point for so many houses to have the same thing.

Can anyone suggest a company that will sell me a manhole cover and frame to fit a hole measuring 62cm by 48cm??? I need to be able to drive the car over it too. All I want is a square frame to sit on the brick walls and a cover. I can post some pictures if required.

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Just bite the bullet do a bit of hard landscaping to get the closest sized manhole you can find to fit. You're trying to match a manhole made over 50 years ago!
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The old fellow who built your manhole was having a bad day.
Back in the 50/60s we used to build the opening to 18x24 inches, and the lid and frame used to be cast iron 21x27 inches overall.
Now in new money the opening is 450x600mm and a cast iron lid and frame is approx 530x680mm overall and a pressed steel lid and frame is approx 490x640mm.
You have opening of 480x620mm so any standard of the shelf 530x680mm over all cast iron lid and frame will be perfect.
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