Car Insurance prices (good news not bad)



I have an mg zt which is 7.5 y/o and worth £2300. The insurance renewal came through at £330 (same as last yr) so i automatically did a search on the money comparisons sites. Got a quote with my current insurer for £152!!

So rang them and they accepted their new quote - great.

Part 2. We are now expecting our first baby and so we have decided to get a more buggy friendly car. We have decided to get a new scoda yeti and i have just got a price from the insurer to change over to this car.

Now the car is about £15k more expensive than the mg, but in a lower insurance bracket as a more boring car and the insurance for the year is £108!!!

My question is this. Is something stupid happening in the insurance market at the moment ? How can they make money charging £100 to insure £a 17.5k car plus cover medical bills, liability etc ?

It is great news for my pocket mind.

Anyone else had something similar ?
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its all about 'risk'

to carry out repairs etc to your old car probably parts will be expensive,
also bear in mind your new car will not be classed as a boy racer type.

im waiting for my renewal on my smax,had a few emails from the comparison websites who seem quite good,and 1 from aviva who seem to want to charge the earth.
My insurance went down considerably this year, I had to change companies which I did using My C5 was about £170 and the wife's 406 around £130. We do live in a low risk area which helps but I am 74 and my wife is 70 and we have both had accidents in the last 5 years.

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