Online car insurance

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funnily enough, just used for a house insurance quote. It's hidden away, but there is a box to tick so they don't call, but it's hidden and you need to click on a link to see it.

Very sneaky.

They did come up with a quote from Legal and General of ONE THIRD the price of the renewal quote just received from churchill.

They came up with a quote from Churchill of LESS THAN HALF the renewal quote churchill came up with.

Absolute frigging thieves.

So a well good site, as long as you find the sneaky 'dont call us box'. There's always one there....

And you should give a junk email address and junk PAYG phone number anyway.

Interesting because confused quoted £751 through elephant and compare quoted £639 through elephant as well :confused: , same car, same details, same night and same insurer yet there is £112 difference
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