car insurance. again.

I paid extra to my insurance company to have my 4 years of no claims bonus protected, yet after my 'little bump' my premium still went up.

What is the point of protecting your no claims if doesn't make a blind bit of difference when you do need to make a claim.

This really annoyed me, and I moved companies.
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£346 fully comp =
BMW 520d
nice motor but I hardly ever drive it .........

wifes got the new shaped Micra she pays £180
Moz said:
wifes got the new shaped Micra she pays £180
does she get a sore backside? i did when i rented this ghastly car for a month. The pedals were off-centre to the drivers seat. How crooked is that lol. Not for people with big feet either, pedals too close together.
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one thing i have noticed theyve bought in by the back door is the number of years NCD. It used to be 5 was the maximum, so once you were on it you didnt get any higher. Now some companies have up to 9 years, so if you switch, having been with a company for 9 years, but still only have the 5 years maximum, you lose again
gcol=my social/morale online compass

I may be an old drunkard but I am not stupid :)


at first reading your observations I thought you were being improper about my good ladies

she hasnt got a fat bottom or big gangly legs or size 11 feet unlike others here
joking aside she likes driving her micra than the Im a passenger in both it IS more luxurious in the beamer ...:)
Only size 11?? Yeah, I had to read that post twice too Moz lol.
BigSpark, how do you find the Volvo? Is there plenty of room in it, for a bigger people (about 6'6)?
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