Car insurance with no car?

8 Jun 2013
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United Kingdom
My son's written off his BMW. It was expensive to insure but he won't be claiming in an effort to build up his No Claims Bonus. He's only a couple of months from hitting the second years bonus.

We could keep the insurance running but ideally like to drop down to something smaller and get a refund back on the remaining months.

Is there such a system in place where he can have the insurance 'on tick-over' so to speak? He doesn't want to rush in and buy a smaller car. He doesn't have the money. Can he insure a fictitious vehicle perhaps? Or take out a duplicate policy on my wife's or his sister's smaller cars?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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You can't insure a fictitious vehicle or duplicate insurance, not legally anyhoo, has the car been sold or relocated to the scrappers?
You can't insure a fictitious vehicle or duplicate insurance, not legally anyhoo, has the car been sold or relocated to the scrappers?
It's currently sat on the drive being slowly dismantled. 2.5hrs to remove the engine and transmission. Pretty good for a young lad, I reckon!
2.5hrs to remove the engine and transmission.

Taking anything apart, especially if it isn't going back together again, usually is quick and easy. :whistle:

When the in-laws used to go out to Spain for a couple of months or more, the tight git would park his car on his drive over here, cash the road tax in and freeze his insurance until he came back. Ask if you can freeze the insurance. You could say you've sold the car but don't have a replacement yet. I don't think there's anything stopping you swapping the policy on to a relatives vehicle as long as you tell the truth I.e. tell them you are not the owner. I don't think you'll get much back though, especially as you only have a couple of months left to run.
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Speak to the insurance company because after 10 months I don't think you'll get anything back.
Don't forget they have admin fees and other rubbish to charge you with if you leave early.
If you speak to the insurance company, make sure you say you are thinking of getting rid of the car and ask whether you'd get anything back. You can always then pretend you still have it if the refund is worth the cost of an extra years NCB.
when is the tax & mot due?

Have you thought of adding him as a driver onto one of your policies, some companies will also consider a named driver as earning NCD

If tax/mot due , you may have to SORN the vehicle to say its off the road.
Don't need to SORN for no mot but if he cashes in the road tax he will have to otherwise an automatic fine may be issued.
Do I need to report a road accident to my motor insurers even if I am not making a claim on my policy?

The short answer to this question is ‘Yes’ and there can be some serious consequences of failing to report an accident to your motor insurers, even if you do not intend to make any claim on your policy.

Motor insurance policies are basically a contract between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company. All policies are subject to terms and conditions which must be complied with by each party. The majority of policies require any policyholder involved in an accident to report the circumstances to the insurance company, regardless of whether there is any claim being made.~~~~

~~~~ Imagine her shock when the insurers informed her that, as a result of her non-disclosure of the previous accident her policy was void from inception and she was not therefore covered in respect of the damage to her car.
From compare the market, happened to me once with this auto renew nonsense. If it's worth doing after the admin fees then go for it.

My car insurance company will record your 'earned' NCD for a period if you cancel a vehicles insurance policy. In the case of the company I used that NCD 'retention' was (is?) 3 years.
Should be worthwhile asking the company what they do if the policy ended by your lad without a claim.
You can't insure a fictitious vehicle or duplicate insurance, not legally anyhoo, has the car been sold or relocated to the scrappers?

And yet Fonesafe insurance continued to charge me for phone insurance for a phone that I reported as lost whilst in Latvia. They refused to honour my claim because I did not ask the Latvian police for a crime number. I explained to the insurers that I lost my phone and thus didn't realise that I needed a crime number. Their response was "you should have read the small print".

5 months later, when I noticed that they were still billing me a tenner a month, I rang them and they told me that I have to give them 30 days notice to cancel the contract... and that I "should have read the small print". I asked them what would happen if I were to make a claim for the same phone at a later date, they told me that would be fraud.
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