A question about insurance and no claims bonus

8 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
I did have 10 yrs plus no claims bonus. My insurance is third party and the excess is over £500. I hit a vehicle in a skid in the recent snow. It's an old car I hit, but the boot doesn't shut. The owners have checked it out and it's cost £1500 to fix. If I put it through my insurance (Who'll more than likely write the car off) will this have a big effect on my insurance for next year with nil years claim bonus. Basically in the medium term is it more cost effective to pay for the repair or go with the insurance?

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If you make a claim you normally loose 2 years no claims. The normal max no claims is 5 years although some companies give you a discount for having more. Worst case you will have 3 years no claims next year. You will really need to ask your insurance company on their policy.
If you have "protected no-claims" you may be able to make a claim in one year without affecting your NCD. Your NCD won't increase but it won't decrease either.

But if you do make a claim and then the next year you have "protected NCD" this may not be transferrable to another company.
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be careful when you ask as you telling them means they know about your accident
my father had a problem as he asked the question and they could only continue knowing about the accident

so be carefull :oops:
be careful when you ask as you telling them means they know about your accident
my father had a problem as he asked the question and they could only continue knowing about the accident

so be carefull :oops:

I could just imagine that, insurance guy advises you to pay for all the accident damage yourself so as to protect your no claims; next year no claims is unaffected, however, initial premium up by 100% due to you having an accident. ... heads they win tails you loose :confused:
I don't know about yours, but my co does not offer protected NCD on 3rd Party Insurance or TPFT; only on comprehensive/

As you say you have a £500 excess, what do you suppose the car is worth, that you hit? If £1500, then how would the extra £1000 compare to a couple of years insurance with no, or reduced, NCD?
Firstly your ten years is only 5 years, it hits the max discount a company offers.

Tp with a £500xs is high Third party only usually only carries 100/150xs? and it wont be protected. even if you pursue it through your company your ins wont go up by what he's asking even when you factor in the xs but you will lose 2yrs which will put your ncd at 3yrs.

Your car wont be repaired/covered.
And if you pay outside your insurance you will still have to declare the accident, which will affect your premium anyway.

best of luck
Anthother thought worth bearing in mind which may affect many in these hard times.. When I lived abroad for two years I found that when I came back to the UK my full NCD was void and I had to start over again from scratch.

The fact that I drove during that period and thereby gained this extra experience counted for nothing.

Since I got rid of my car a year ago I am wondering what I can do. It seems stupid to insure myself for my girlfriend's car, since I'm on her insurance, and the reason I sold mine was because I couldn't afford to keep it.

There's something very unfair about it all...
some companies allow named drivers to build up some NCD. It's worth asking if hers does that, if not, you could offer to pay if it cost extra to move to one that does.

The other thing is that when I had a car off the road for over a year, I went back to the same company I had been with before, and said i was interested in renewing provided they could give me the same NCD as i had before (they did). I actually did this on two occasions, I had kept the old policy and renewal letters so I had all the references they might want.
Just because people have protected no claims, these days the insurance company will still increase the premium because of the accident and just claim that had you not had protected, it'd have gone up even more.

I do believe NCD only lasts 2 years if not used. I too had the issue of unfairness, having riden mtorbikes for several years, car insurance does not recognise the experience and it's not transferable from bike to car and visa versa. However, I've got a few classic cars and use my discount on my modern car but the classic car insurer recognise the NCD I have and apply a discount to the classic multi car policy.
NCD expires in most cases after 2 years of no use- totally unfair.

To the OP, your insurance is going to go up anyway come renewal- fact, plus your claim bumping up the premium and 3 years instead of 5 years ncd will also increase it unfortunately but insurance is there for a reason so use it.

Also 500xs on tp is not right, its usually 50/100 max??
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