Carpet & underlay on top of laminate underlay boards?

27 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

My sitting room floor is very cold so I've decided to rip up the laminate and replace with carpet. After taking up the laminate I noticed the underlay boards are in good nick and was wondering if I should keep them there for extra insulation? The normal carpet underlay and carpet would then go on top. Would there be any problems with this?

I was advised earlier to chipboard the floor before carpeting for insulation but I guess the laminate underlay would do a similar job? Btw I noticed a sheet of plastic under the laminate underlay.

Appreciate any advice!
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The plastic should only be there if the floor under the laminate underlay is stone/concrete.

You will probably struggle to get the carpet to hold on gripper unless you can pin the gripper through the laminate underlay into the subfloor and still get a good 'hold' (unlikely) as the laminate underlay cut back from the edge, with the underlay as well will make it difficult for the gripper to hold the carpet backing.

Best thing to do would be uplift the whole lot and use a really good quality natural felt underlay like Axminster Axfelt65 as these underlays have much better thermal properties than rubber or foam/pfFoam underlays, they also have a nice feel underfoot and the carpets will wear better and keep their appearance better in the long term compares to rubber/foam/puFoam.

The carpets will be almost certainly warmer than laminate whatever you decide to do re: underlay.
Thanks for your reply CD! The plastic sheeting is over wooden floorboards so I'll get rid of that. Will take your advice on getting rid of the laminate underlay as well.

Regarding carpet underlays are there any others you would recommend other than Axminster Axfelt65? As mentioned my floor is very cold so I need one with good thermal properties.

Lastly where's a good place to buy carpets? I have only really considered CarpetRight 'cos there's one locally and they always seem to have incredible offers but people here seem to often recommend going to an independant retailer. I live in East london so any recommendations welcome.

Thanks in advance!
This Axfelt 65 is only 10 mm thick.

Since the ceiling/loft now has to have 240 mm of similar material, you will appreciate that whilst there will be a small difference* you will not be throwing off your overcoat and sitting around in shirt-sleeves.

The best thing by a long way would be to insulate under the floor-boards, but that is a major leap from your original question.

* The underlay may make the place feel warmer if you currently have any draughts and if this then seals them.
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Natural felts have a good tog rating for warmth,especially for their depth, compare tog ratings on the underlays for their thermal properties.

Find a good independent retailer, they will have the time and contacts to supply what you need rather than just selling you what earn's the better commission etc ;)

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