Caulking/filling around stairway

7 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am a novice DIYer and am having some troubles on my skirting in my stairway. The house is only a few years old and a crack had formed up most of the staircase where it meets the wooden "skirting".

So, I picked off the caulk that was still in place - however the base of the wall is quite uneven in some places. I am presuming some of the plasterboard wall was damaged as I took the caulk off.

What would be the best method of smoothing all this out? I am thinking of using some fine wall filler for the base of the wall and sanding down....then applying caulking down the join between plasterboard and wooden skirt.

I am just worried that I may make it more uneven by using the filler.

Any advice would be fiancée wants to kill me as my attempt to caulk the stairway is very uneven (To top it off I am in danger of her calling her dad up to do it - which quite frankly would make me feel even more emasculated than I already do!! :()
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Firstly, don't panic, as you can redo your attempts many times....

Secondly, what are you trying to achieve? I'm not sure how you can damage plasterboard taking out decoraters filler !! unless you used a tool.

I suggest you fill/skim any flat surfaces first.... then look to filling the joint between wall and skirting..... caulk is amazingly 'friendly'... with a bit of patience, and spitting on your finger, and getting rid of the excess into kitchen towel,,, (still talking caulking !!) you'll do a good job!!!
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After sanding the filler don't forget to paint the filler to seal it (slightly thinned emulsion will be fine) If you don't then smoothing the caulk will be a mare.

One of the best caulk is this one- everbuild 125

Try to get one of these mastic guns

When you release the trigger the caulk stops running out of the end of the nozzle (unlike most other makes)

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