CCTV Questions

Wasn't directed at you specifically, just the replies seemed to be heading in a certain direction.

Whatever you choose, don't assume too much from the spec. The camera you posted from RFConcepts? Spec looked, for all the world like a Samsung.
May even have Samsung internals (in part).
The safe option would be on the real thing though.
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Is this the kind of Samsung camera you are talking about:

Or trade variants I'm unlikely to see?

So for a static dome without PTZ, does that mean it basically requires physical manual movement to align the lens to the required position, or is there any method of remotely changing it after install. So for example if I later found I wanted to re-align it, is it a ladder/tools job each time?
Yep, something like that.
And yes, you would have to set the position/lens/focus manually. Don't confuse them with a ptz dome. Totally different type of camera. As reflected in the price. You don't need ptz, statics are fine.
ah the joys of home cctv

people reading this - if you want propper cctv then forget the crap from bnq and forget cheap cameras and dvrs - its all crap and rubbish - you may get a semi nice picture when viewing live, but recorded is completly different.

you do what i do - you use second hand high end equipment (commercial grade big players)

i have £10.000 yes 10 grans worth of eqipment, that has only cost me around £1200 - my system blows away any chaep diy crap and in most instances is better then most shop and factory insatlls!!

i have panaosnic dvr (hd316 - you can buy that today for a shade under £4000)

panasonic outdoor ptzs (just under 2 grand a shot each) and they are true day night ir cut filters - i just laugh at anyone who thinks ir led cams do they job - they wont.

fixed housings with heaters, with true day night cameras again around 500 tvls

every point of my home is covered by cctv all installed by me - crystal clear images and perfectly acceptable recordings.

colour cameras are crap at night you wont see a thing (if you have no light)

a couple of 100w pirs and low voltage lighning is all you need and your cameras will thank you with crystal clear images.

even better that my cctv is linked to internet, i can control my ptzs from anywhere in the world.

i love cctv me.
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every point of my home is covered by cctv all installed by me - crystal clear images and perfectly acceptable recordings.

This is the one thing that has put me off doing a CCTV install... I have plenty of friends who I trust enough to spend the night in my house, but I wouldn't trust anyone to know my security system...

Whilst I could turn off the CCTV on those nights to avoid getting video of them "in private", if they later discover I have cameras, how do I prove to them I wasn't recording them getting undressed or in the bath? :confused: Even if I limit hidden cameras to the hallways, how can they trust me that I don't have hidden cameras in the bedrooms?

This is why my CCTV plans now just consist of a birdbox camera, a hedgehog box camera and a PTZ for the garden (not for security, it's just so I can log in from work and remind myself why I'm putting in the hours!). Although, I guess that would make a hedgehog voyeur! :LOL:
haha lol

to be honest i aint got any inside my home, but i will do.

you only need them downstairs, i will be using motion activated ip cameras for internal, i normaly switch these on when im away from home, i have the pointing at doors windows etc, but i also have a hidden one pointing at my 42in lcd and audio visual equipment, when the cameras detect motion they then send the images out side the house via ftp, these images are stored on a companys servers.

oh by the way you will find that propper cctv cameras love low wattage external lights min 16 watts id say (not aimed at you my friend)
its a big piece of mind been able to log on to secruity systerm say when camping, a quick check on the ptzs to check all gates and sheds are secre, then a log on to the ip cameras, if my tv and equipment is still there, i no my house aint been touched.

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