CCTV remote viewing question.

27 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
I've got a couple of Swann systems - one at home with 4 cameras, one in work with 8 cameras (was 4 but I added 4 more but I had the same problem when it was just 4).

When I am viewing them remotely over my iPhone, I have no problem with the home system on 3G or WiFi but with the work system on 3G or WiFi it rarely works, I may get one or two camera’s occasionally and they are vey laggy - shows one frame every 4 or 5 seconds. However, when viewing the work cameras on my iPhone while on the work WiFi, it’s perfect. Any ideas?
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I would hazard a guess you are being limited by the upload speed of your work internet connection or any IT magerment throttling of your device.
If you are on your work Wi-fi you are already connected to the local LAN which the work can system is on. If you would use either 3G or view from any other Wi-fi other than your work Wi-fi you are viewing everything coming out of the work WAN connection.

I would additionally see if the amount of cameras coming out is having an effect.
I am not familiar with that system so not sure if you are sending all 8 camera data streams at once but maybe take half the cameras off line and try the test again.
Use at work to see your broadband upload speed if it's low give your work broadband provider a call and see if they can improve it. You could also try and improve it yourself by changing filters on the line etc to see if there are any issues.
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Just checked it. I'm getting 16Mbps download and only .83Mbps upload. Going to get onto Talk Talk. Got fibre at home so that could explain it.
Well, they said I needed Static IP address and gave me one free of charge. No effing different. Upload is just too slow. Swann technical support said I needed around 2mbps. Talk Talk said standard broadband only had a max 1mbps upload speed and offered me fibre broadband at an extra £15 a month, I said no, I’d go elsewhere. They said if I did it'd cost me £125 to finish my contract. They then offered me £7.50 a month off for the first 6 months I said no, it’s worth £125 to leave and if I do I’ll also be cancelling my home contract too and left it at that. Tonight, for some strange reason, it’s all working perfect for the first time ever! Very strange, I’ll have to check my upload speed when I’m in next week just to see if they've done something. :cautious:

Gotta clear those cobwebs away!

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Static IP would have no effect as you have found out. I think if you end up stuck with Talk Talk which is BT broadband but with different profit margins and contention ratios, as are almost all domestic broadband packages bar virgin media's, then you need to see if you can reduce the data rate of the dvr per camera. In essence you set the remote playback stream to Cif or Qcif. If its working tonight they may have moved you to a less contentious feed (perhaps there is no one on this one streaming films etc) or perhaps your broadband neighbours are at the pub and so you get the full 1mb upload for now and tomorrow will be a nightmare again.
Could be, I will have to see but I’ve never had all cameras working at the same time. If it goes back to crap, I’ll try what you say about reducing the date rate per camera. Thanks.

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