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20 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
I've spent an age over the last couple of weeks researching cctv and i must admit that i am more confused than ever. Basically we need four cameras, one for the front door, rear door, garage and to view the back fence.

It seems to me from my research that of all the places to buy cctv equipment Costco is the best value! I thought Cosco were food only, lol.

I am currently torn between these two packages:

Only differences i can see between the two is obvisiouly the nearly £200 difference, One has a 2Tb memory and the other a 1Tb. Another difference is one has 3Mp cameras and the other 2.1Mp cameras. Is this worth the £200 difference? Would i notice any difference viewing from an ipad or 40inch 1080p tv? No is the answer (i think). Also i've read that 2.1Mp cameras produce a better night picture than the 3Mp cameras(Bizarrely)

So i feel this package is best

Now with the cctv equipment decided(i think) i am looking at this install package.(Costco again)

Anyone have experience of Tsg?

This would be a total fitted price of £839.98

Decent value???
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First it's Swann ! Second 1tb for high def cameras would last around a week / 2 on a mid to high frame rate you want 2tb min.
You'll find the Swan brand isn't highly rated amongst the pros. Are you definitely after I cameras. Analogue should bring the price down.
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You'll find the Swan brand isn't highly rated amongst the pros. Are you definitely after I cameras. Analogue should bring the price down.

Reading other forums i was given that Analogue was soooo last century. CCTV is so confusing. :confused:
Storage is about the amount of data.

1. Resolution (the higher the recording resolution the more data)
2. Frame rates (the higher the frame rate recorded the more data used)
3. Number of cameras (the more cameras the more data)

Ideally you want to record a decent resolution as you aren't watching this all day and decent frame rate so it looks reasonably smooth.

What they don't say is what the recording time is based on given your links and the Swann website has the same data.
Contact Swann via there website to find out what the numbers are based on, so you know what the 24 and 48 days are actually based on.

Some installers do Install Swann, however the general opinion in the industry is to avoid them.
I would like a good enough system that would reliably record motion detection only to save disk space.

With my present Swann system it's having to record continuously.
This whole choosing cctv thing is just ridiculous.

Can someone please suggest a decent four camera system.
Is HD-SDI a better system than IP?
I bought a HIKVision analogue DVR a few months ago. Image quality and frame rate are good but the motion detection isn't suitable for long range work- you only get 4 zones for each camera. I haven't fully bottomed out the algorithm yet but it appears that half the detection zone has to change before recording will trip. Its fine for the camera at the front door but no good for the cameras covering the garden and driveway so I've gone back to my old Pico cards- think each frame has a grid of about 300 squares, if one of the squares changes then recording starts. Useful for seeing where the fox is living this month..... :)
Forget Swann.....look at ebay..millions of "refurbs" - that's because the failure rate in warranty is massive..they repair and sell off cheap.
Went to a job last week where they had an "alien 4CH DVR"....I asked how much, they had paid £800 for DVR alone and it was Chinese junk - SHOCKING!!

Agreed with the other posters...go Hikvison Turbo ( which can be run on coax)..same pic quality as IP......Samsung analog is also excellent and there are plenty of deals to pick up.
Ooh my head hurts with all this different choice of cctv o_O

However i am grateful for the advice received so far. I'm guessing at the end of the day it mainly depends on budget on which equipment to buy. With mixed reviews of the Swann analogue equipment i have now decided to look at the "latest" cctv equipment in ip cameras. This decision was made mainly after a friend of ours kindly showed us his ip cctv system and we were greatly impressed.

This though leads to more questions! :sick:

I have whittled the choice down to three Hikvision cameras: ?search=DS-2CD2332-I

Question 1:
Is the only difference between these cameras the range of the night vision? DS-2CD2032-I 20 meters, DS-2CD2332 30 meters and the DS-2CD2332 50 meters.

Question 2:
The camera spec states • Full HD 1080p real-time video as i see it as the cameras are 3.0 megapixel (2048 x 1536) resolution, 1080p is 1920 x 1080 so the only benefit of having a 3.0 megapixel camera is when i zoom in and not on playback?

Question 3:
I am looking at this Nvr:
I am a little confused by this part of the spec
25Mbts recording and lastly now has 4CIF live

25Mbts recording what does that mean?
4 CIF Live is 704x480 which is alot less than 1080p 1920 x 1080 so will i not view 1080p when viewing live or on playback?

All very confusing still and i would love to hear anyones opinions on the equipment that is my latest choice(lol) 2 TB - £248.40 x 4 - £475.20

Total Price: £723.60

Deep breath and a stiff drink required :rolleyes:
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