Ceiling Cracks Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
I have 2 cracks running vertical in the ceiling, I have tried to rub them down and fill them using flexible filler, but they re appear.

The ceiling had been fully skimmed by a plasterer, and the finish is very good, I this it may have been that the original boards were not taped correctly before skimming.

I have now drilled right along the crack and run around 15 screws along the crack, then I filled this and sanded it down, primed and painted this.

It was ok for around 5 days then the dam thing stared to re-appear., I have even tried painting the ceiling with no more cracks, but when the normal emulsion is painted over the same happens.

What is the solution for this? It looks nasty……, is there some kind of flexible filler or something that will work?

Please help,

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there is probably nothing cosmetic that you can do to the crack to solve this problem.
it could be cracking for a number of structural reasons, that could maybe have been avoided, had the plasterboard tackers used a little sense.

is it an upstairs or downstairs ceiling?
how about trying a good quality decorators caulk,its a bit more flexible,only downside is its messy to apply
If the cracks are running in an even striaght line then its don to the plasterboard moving..or movement in the house.

I would line or paper the ceiling
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how about trying a good quality decorators caulk,its a bit more flexible,only downside is its messy to apply

I have tried this with a flexible one, it comes back.... lining is not an option, its down stairs, and the whole lot has just been skimmed, yes it is on one of the joins in the board, its around 3 feet.. I was thinking of trying something a little different, v the crack out and use a little p40 fibreglass in it, fill over and sand down flush.

Thats a bit too drastic..I reckon it will show.
i have a feeling the only way to remedy the problem would be to remove an area of ceiling, then bridge the problem area with a plasterboard. a little drastic under the circumstances.
Zampa's solution using lining paper makes the most sense.
at a last ditch attempt how about using some no nails or grip fill to fill in most of the cracks and then finish with a joint filler or similar,a bit rough but worth a go
Thanks guys, like I have said lining paper is a no, no..... where can I purchase tape and ames?.

Many thanks

B an Q...Id go for the paper tape not the self adhesive one, leave it in a bucket of water to soak for five minutes then stick it on with wallpaper paste, wiping off the access cleanly...when its dry caulk over it with a wide bladed tool, you dont have to do it in one hit...two thin applications should do it...then sand down with 80 grade aluminium oxide dust off...and paint.

It may show a little where you have made good, but it will be better than glass fibre or caulk
Thanks for that,

Surly im going to have to grove it out as wide as the tape, before I put the tape on? as even if I fill it very thinly it will always be prouder than the rest and show. is caulk sandable?

grooving out and filling, then sanding flush.... would this be not better?

Filler aint going to hold your ceiling together im affriad mate...and you have to be careful when it comes to cutting out cracks in plasterboard...if you cut through the scrim tape your going to make the problem worse

When I said 'caulk over it' I meant went Ames or gyproc easi sand...its a generic term...dont get it confused with the caulk that comes in a tube
great, so B@Q will have the tape........ just called plaserboard tape? the paper one.....

Ames is a brand I take it...... Ames is a brand I take it? easi sand...

most prob in big bags...... and not from B@Q..... near me in Essex I hope..(come on Southend )


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