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12 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi there, trying to replace an old fitting to a new one and have come accross 3 earths 3 red and 3 black. The new fitting has a chocolate box connector on the end of its blue earth and brown wire but obviously I wont be able to get the three reds for example in the tiny connector ( choc box) as the wires are too fat/inflexible. What do i need to do please . I thought about a 3 section choc box for instance for each colour then taking off the supplied choc box and putting the single red from the new t fitting into the 3 connect choc box but surely that wont work as the 3 reds from the ceiling are not linked/touching each other that way , just one will meet up with the new light red ?! Thanks
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Normal configuration would be to put all three reds in a separate connection block, if there is not a spare on the fitting. This is know as a "loop".
The live terminal on your fitting is for the live feed from the switch, this in your case is likely to be a black core. Is one of the black cores marked up with a red tag? This should be connected at the brown flex connection.
The other two blacks will be neutrals and connected to the blue flex connection.
Then all earth cables connected at the earth terminal of fitting.
You may have to find out which black core is from the switch if not marked.
Did you take a note of how the cables were connected prior to disconnecting?

This diagram could help explain
thank you for the reply.I havnt undone anything yet. What is there is an oldish rose , very small screws surrounded by clear plastic. There are three sections , all brass . 3 together , three together and then a two . The earths are attached to a 3 the blacks to a 3 and the red in the two. The old fixing had three wires each colour going to the relevant colour in the rose. I cant see any that are black with red tape. Im faily sure the switch wire is in the switch ! Meaning Ive changed a couple already and they swithch on and off ok and both had say two reds from the ceiling and the swuich is ok and works . thank you
The earths are attached to a 3 the blacks to a 3 and the red in the two.
That can't be right.

One of the 3-way blocks is for the neutrals - loop in, loop out, and the light.

The other is for the lives - loop in, loop out and switch.

The 2-way is for switched live and the live to the light.

The earths have their own terminal, separate from that row of 2.

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yes you are right ban all sheds

The 3 earths are linked to a seperate terminal , then there are 3 blacks 3 reds
are these wago things what i need. They look a bit bulky to fit under a shallow metal fixing ( rose)
Before you do disconnect make a note of connection and cables, mark/number the cable up if needs be. Will save you some hassle if you get them mixed up.
If you have a pictures you can upload and post of what you currently have installed, cables and terminations, and the terminals on the new fitting. Could help resolve your problem. I don't really see the need to be tucking cables up in the ceiling, if there is room for a live loop in/out connection within the fitting.

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