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25 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
I hope someone out their will be able to help regarding my dilema,
I am wanting to replace the light fitting in the bathroom with a proper zone 2 flush light fitting which i have purchased but when i undid the old light fitting inside was a choc block with 3 loop in lives into one of the connectors, 2 neutrals into one of the connectors, 3 earths into the third connector and finally the black switch live wire with the red tape on into the last connector as should be but my dilemma is the new light fitting has a choc box pre-fitted into the cover with only connectors for L,N,E. I will have no problem wiring up live to switch live, neutral into neutral and earth into earth but where can i put the 3 loop in lives. There is not the room to remove the prefitted choc box and just putting the existing choc block in its place so would it be ok to wire up as should be and just leave the loop in lives in the connector they are in and just place them seperately into the cover which on their own would fit, and if so should i cover with insulating tape or not ?
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This is a very common problem with these shlte lights.

If you have a loft or roof space of some kind above, you can place a JB in the loft (an ashley 501 is ideal), then you can present a single cable to the shlte fitting.

Other than that, there is little you can do that will keep the necessary IP rating.
Thanks for your reply but the other problem i have is their is no roof space as not only it being a ****e fitting it is also a ****e flat roofed bathroom extension, so would it be ok to do as i said about just placing it in the cover seperately or is there any other way arond this,also i do not really understand what you mean by IP rating
IP=Ingress protection. Basically it means your light fitting is water resistant.
Anyway, what do you mean by choc box? Do you mean that there are three terminals inside the light fitting, or that there are three terminals stashed away in small enclosure within the light fitting? If it's just the terminals fitted to the base of the light, then just position the loop terminal alongside. You won't have to tape it up. The main thing is that the cable entry is through a rubber grommet which fits tightly around the cable.
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Thanks for describing the IPrating and to clarify inside the cover of the light fiting are the L,N,E flexes going into a white plastic box which has a choc block inside that they are connected into, so will it be alright to do as you say and wire as should be and just leave the untaped loop in lives outside of the said box which will be wired up to n,e and swith live.
Why can you not use a junction box?

Make off the cables/cores you have into a JB with a short length of flex fitted, make this flex off into your light fitting (you can replace the white plastic box and connectors with a JB).

The JB will then tuck up into the ceiling void, through the hole your light fitting will fill up.

Thanks for your reply but i am finding it very confusing, do you mean, fit the wires that are coming from the ceiling into a jb rather than the choc block they are in and then fit a small length of flex into this jb and connect this into the plastic box inside the flush light fitting which contains the L,N,E wires from the light fitting itself and then just push the jb up into ceiling void. If this description of what i think you are saying is correct this is the way i will go and thank you very much for your help.
The only other question i would like answering is, will it be safe to just push the jb up into the roof void after wiring as above.
No it will not be safe shoving a JB into the roof void. The JB has to be accessible for inspection so don't use one. Go with your own suggestion of putting the loops in a single choccy strip and try to fit them inside the box inside the fitting, not forgetting to pass all the cables from the ceiling void through a close fitting rubber grommet to maintain the IP rating.

(If I'm wrong no doubt someone will quickly correct me, ;) )
The JB will be accessible because you can remove the light to access it.

Tbh, you can use a jb in the ceiling, or a terminal block inside the fitting. It doesn't make much difference, except using a terminal inside the fitting is the usual way. If the light fitting comes with heatproof sleeves for the wires, be sure to fit one over the loop wires if they are inside the fitting.

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