Ceiling Light Loop In - options?

21 May 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I need to swap a ceiling rose for a pendant light fitting. What is the correct way of dealing with the loop in? I understand a choc block on its own is no longer acceptable. I am going to struggle to get a choc box in. Is there another option? What about these wago connectors? There is a little room inside the pendant to perhaps fit a wago connector for the loopin?

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Ceiling roses are what pendant lights hang from...

As for whether your light has room inside it for a Wago connector or a piece of connector strip - you have the light, we don't.
most roses have a connector strip built in that will deal with loop in/out and switch don't they?
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It's still acceptable to have a chock block for the loop in in your new fitting just so long as you don't stuff it up into the ceiling.
I do sometimes wonder about the TLC buyers....
I've got a similar issue. I've changed a fair few ceiling roses but I've just bought a light with only 3 connections and I have a loop circuit. The live, neutral and earth wires are self explanatory but Any advice on what I do with the loop wires? Can I just buy a chic block 3 wire connection and install that in the new rose?


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And as the answer in the Wiki, as per


Please stop hijacking posts and please stop multiply posting the same question.

Can I just buy a chic block 3 wire connection and install that in the new rose?
I don't know if you can.

People usually put up with unstylish ones like this


I've never felt the need to look for a chic one, so IHNI if they exist.
Hilarious... Or not. That's predictive text for you!

Thanks EFL - came up with an error on previous thread so didn't think it had posted. Thanks for advice though
Just to check - do all 3 wires go in the same block - I assume so given they're not connected otherwise? Thanks in advance

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