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17 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
I have one light switch controlling 2 lights.

Am in the process of replacing lights for both.

Have successfully installed first light.

However, 2nd set stays on permanently!.

Have a terminal block with 2 x 4 slots.

Brown wires (L) from light = slot 1
Blue wires (N) from light = slot 3
Earth form light = slot 2
Nothing in slot 4

From the wiring:

2 Red into slot 1
Black and Blue into slot 3
Earth into slot 2

However, there is a spare yellow wire (not earth)
Where do I put this?
Even if I put it into slot 4 - it still stays on permanently!

Please help!!!!
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You've wired this so the second light is connected into the loop (the actual lighting power supply cct) instead of in parallel with the first light. That said, I am (not for the firsty time :) ) a bit confused as to what you are saying is wired to where.

Let us know what wires are connected into which terminal on the first rose and what you have emerging at the second rose. Where are you saying this yellow wire is, first or second rose? Is this in a bathroom?

Try to decribe just as if you wanted me to draw what you are seeing on a piece of paper - as that's what I'm having to do in my mind to help you.
Lights are in my lounge.

I have stated wiring for 2 rose.

I wired 1st rose as it was in the original light into a 4 slot terminal and this works OK

Is it possible to email you an excel spreadsheet witha detailed diagram?
At the first light you have a three core + earth cable and a two core + earth cable.

The red from the THREE core one goes to slot 1

The yellow joins with the other red in slot 2.

The others stay as is.

99% sure I have descrambled your post?!?

Umm...this assumes the 2nd light is operating at the same time as the first currently.....?

Photos would be best. Upload them to an image host, and post a link here.
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Let me try to explain again....

2 roses worked by one light switch

1st rose.... works OK

2nd rose stays on permanently.....

Wiring in 2nd rose is as follows:

loom 1

red = 1
earth = 2
black = 3

loom 2

blue = 4
yellow = 5
red = 6
earth = 7

wired to a 4 slot terminal block as follows:

slot 1 (N) wires 3 & 4

slot 2 (earth) wires 2 & 7

slot 3 (L) wires 1 & 6

Therefore, where does yellow wire (5) go?
Is the rest wired correctly?

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Draw each rose with colours in paintbrush, save it a .png, and then upload it to an image host (google that term), and then post the pic here.

Either that, or take some photos.

Whats inside the current switch?? That would help too.

Your descriptions are too confusing with the numbers, and terms like loom!
col, what cable/cables did you have in the light thats working ok

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