Cersanit "Easy off" seat removal

18 Nov 2015
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United Kingdom
webHi all,

Trying to work out how to change my seat that has broken. It's a back to the wall toilet but cant seem to see any release on the seat. If this is from the bottom fitted seat , save removing the toilet can I just cut it off an fit a top fitting seat or will I need access to below anyway to fit the fitting brackets for the seat to sit in in the first place? Pics of toilet if it helps. There are two larger holes and the smaller one seem to he fixing to hold it to the wall.


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Try looking for a grubs screw at the back of the chrome hinge, or try lifting the disc up to reveal a screw. Do you have the same seat or similar? Otherwise you might not get it to fit.
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I haven't got a replacement yet, only happened today. I will have a look tomorrow and see what I can find. If not could I put it off and fit a top fitting one without needing access below?
Just have another quick look, no grub screw on the hinges and the discs on the bottom flush with the toilet are solid and wont budge so dont think these pop up either. Looks like whoever installed it fitted the seat before fitting.
Have you a pic of damaged part? It might have a button on it, which may have released the seat?
Its the lid bit of the seat thats actually cracked. The actual hinges are intact.
Might need to remove the pan then, unless anyone more experienced with these seats can help?
After much searching ive found the toilet make and model, its a Cersanit Pure:


Strangely enough the seats listed on their site both say "easy off" but I cant see how.

Also found this picture online and if its not easy off it seems like a royal pain to fit a seat even with the bowl off!:


Anyone had any run ins with these before?
Just read this old thread. In case anybody still has the same problem ie their toilet seat hinge comes loose (on their Cersanit 'Pure' toilet seat) and you can't access from below to tighten. The simple answer is to lift the toilet seat up to get easier access to the bracket. Get pair of mole grips and clamp to the silver disc, then tighten. The Disc will self tighten to the bowl. It has solved my problem. I was worried that I was going to have to take out the bowl etc simply to access the hinge. Hope this helps somebody.

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