Chaffoteaux Britony combi - won't light

24 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, My boiler has been woring fine until today. I noticed we had no hot water, checked the boiler and the heating wasn't working either. The boiler sounds like it's running as normal, and diverts to hot water when demanded although it comes out cold. Removed the cover and could see thr flame was out, pressed the auto restart button but it still did not light. The green power button is on, the orange 'flame' light is off, and the red lockout light is off. We did have the diverter valve replaced, but that was over 12 months ago. Looking at the manual I think it could be the hot water flow switch, but don't know much about boilers. There are no leaks and the pressure is constant at 1 bar.

Any advice, please?
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if it was the hot water flow switch it would not come on at all when you turn a tap on, so without a demand for hot water does it sound like it is working just in central heating mode? if its the same in central heating mode suspect the CH flow switch
Thanks mate. Even in central heating mode it sounds like it's work as normal, just not lighting and no heat
i think it is your central heating flow switch, inside the hot water and central heating ones are side by side, kinda look like a bottle top with a wire coming out, it is a job you can tackle yourself depending on how confident you feel? you can test the central heating flow switch for continuity

If you get continuity when the boiler is running in central heating mode then it is not the flow switch, there is an even quicker way off doing it but I don't want to be the one to tell you as the flow switch is a safety device
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feck wait till Agile hears aboot this.......

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faz just tell the OP how to bridge out the stat,TEMPORARILY OF COURSE,
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If I remember correctly the boiler will not work if the system flow switch is jammed in the on or off position.

To test it you would need to be able to use a multimeter and be able to understand what you find.

They are quite easy to clean as they attract magnetic debris which clogs the moving shuttle.

yer not suggesting to bridge out a safety device by a non rgi/gsr/napic
I have only suggested testing the flow switch with a meter and then if its at fault to clean it.

clean what, electrical contacts?????????????????????????????????????????

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