Chaffoteaux Britony combi - won't light

Hi got the boiler working, kind off. The hot water is working like it should, the heating is working but if i turn the heating off, then back on it wont fire until i press the reset button.
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how long are you waiting for it to come back on? think it takes 5 mins on that model to come back on again, part of the anti cycle

how did you get the boiler going again?
my father in law had a look he just tapped the motor with the end of a screwdriver and it fired up. i've just tried the heating and it came on. I'll see how it goes.
Thanks for all the replies.
I have a Britony (brittany) 80 combi boiler that hasnt been used for a while that refuses to strike up!! Dont have the original instructions/service manual, so at the head scratching stage... Electricity OK, gas to gas valve OK, when switch on and demand for water & heating on, fan spins but boiler doesnt light. Cant see or hear any evidence of the boiler sparking at all. Fan continues to spin for a while then stops! Presuming this is a lockout as the boiler hasnt lit! Question is:- I'm assuming its an ignition issue but not sure how to test?
Any help much appreciated!
Thanks guys and keep up the good work..
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does the red light come on? you have kinda hi jacked someone else post tho, sounds like it could be APS, you could try taping the boiler on the right hand side at the top! it sometimes does the trick, not a part for you to play with unless your an RGI
Sorry newbie 1st post!! Can't recall red light coming on. Whats APS and can I test it? Assuming gentle persuasion fails to work... ink still wet on the ACS so lacking depth of knowledge you guys have by the bucket. Cheers
if you join the CC i will happily talk you through it, but i cna only offer your limited advice on here
Email your registration details to admin@diynot and say you waht to join the CC and he will sort it out and make it visible on the list of forums.

This is the boiler with the three solinoids on the gas valve clue to not lighting is there. but as said by agile only limited advise given here get on cc and ill tell you exactley what I think it is had this numorous times on this boiler.
I am not certain that it is!

Even if it starts on the 1/3 and that was o/c or stuck then I would still expect a l/o light!

if the first solenoid sticks then it will never light the carp that transco add is a contributing factor. cleaned the g valve several times and all was well.

these are also pigs for the small bore pipes in the rear blocking up solid.

in reality a total bag of shiite.
Thanks for the help so far fellas. When I said the ink on the ACS is still wet, I meant literally! Only sat exams last week so still waiting for cert and gas safe registration. Will be back on soon as I have sorted. Cheers

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