Change upvc door lock type

5 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom

I have just bought a new house and the external doors (3 of them) have mortace type keys and i wanted to replace them with a "yale type" key.

The doors are all upvc doors and have 5 lever locking system (i think).

The keys all have 'ERA' stamped on them and the lock on the doors have VECTIS stamped on them which i assume is the brand of lock.

Is it possible to just replace the type of lock?

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I can't say I have ever seen a uPVC door with a lever key/mortice styled lock before, are you able to post a picture as a reference point?

I know you can get a mortice profile lock with a eurocylinder mechanism which can be fitted into a wooden door in place of an existing lever mortice with very little alteration. See screwfix 85546 for an example.
ERA do a replacement multipoint system, that has a 5-lever lock in it.

they also do a replacement lock that you have to fit a Eurocylinder into.

I think I have seen them at Wickes, who sell a lot of ERA kit, some with the name "Wickes" printed on the packaging.

Remembering how insecure most cylinder locks are, this lever lock system always seemed to me like a pretty good idea. I imagine they use the technology from their British Standard locks.

If you have plastic doors, they are so weak and flexible that they have to be festooned with multi-point locking systems, so an ordinary Yale or similar will be no good.

Rob, what is it you hope to achieve my changing the locking system, and how much are you willing to pay? You might manage to do it for less than £100 per door, including new cylinder, but it may not be a simple job.
They could be hard to replace directly, also retro fitting Euro lock cases could weaken the doors.
Are you just trying to get the keys changed?

Take one lock to a locksmiths and get them to rekey it, then take another after and have it keyed ( to pass or differ) as well and so on.
Reason for one at a time is they might want a day and you can secure each door individually until all done.
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if it is the ERA version (which seems quite likely) you might be able to buy a set of levers and keys.

I only use Chubbs, but it is very easy to get lever sets for them.

With a bit of luck it will be ERA which is quite common, and with a bit more luck it will be the same lever range as they use for mortice locks.
i have fitted these doors in the past with vectis locks it was used on duraflex doors from pearl windows near bolton i think and they are quite secure but i think you will have to change the mechanism aswell so may prove expensive. to my knowledge you cant just stick a barrel in the usual complaint with this system is the size of the keys however why dont you take the key to a hardware shop and see if they can cut you some smaller keys or maybe some flip type keys ? try googling vectis locks

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