Replacing ERA Vectis locks in uPVC french door

23 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
It would appear that my french doors have ERA Vectis locks fitted to them which use a mortice lock style key rather than a euro cylinder. There are then adaptors for these keys fitted to the hole in the standard euro handle.

Sadly we have lost one of the keys so want to replace the locks. It looks like i need to replace the entire gearbox to do so.

Has anyone had any experience in changing the vectis gearbox in a master and slave door in a pair of french doors? Just trying to judge the scale of the job....
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Quite a pain of a job. You would need to take the mullion off of the slave door to get access to the lock on that side.
You could also be looking at anywhere between £30-100 per locking gear depending on whether or not you could just change the center gearboxs, Then you need cylinders as well £5-50 each depending on how good you want the security to be.

If would be much cheaper and easier to just get more keys cut, Have you lost them all? If so a locksmith may be able to make a key to fit the lock if you take the lock to him for a reasonable price.
If you've only lost one key , I really wouldn't go to the hassle and expense , as Gazman says . Unless that key has your address on it , no ones ever going to know who's lock it fits......
Thanks chaps. How secure is the Vectis compared to say a 3* euro anti snap / bump cylinder?

Ideally we want to change the locks based purely on paranoia :)
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I think they are classed as very secure (not sure about the ratings).
Basically they cant be snapped, bumped or drilled. I'm not sure how good they are for picking though. I can pick most basic Euro locks but I don't know how to do Mortice locks.

One of my suppliers gives (or used to give) an extra guarantee with them on Composite doors, Basically if someone broke in through the door with the Vectis lock they would supply a new door free of charge plus £1000 cash.
IIRC the lever mechanism is the same as in their BS mortice deadlocks, so it would be durable and secure, and no normal person would bother trying to pick it.

I don't know the typical life of a good 5-lever lock with brass internals, but it seems to be in excess of 30 years. I know one that lasted over a hundred and still works fine. I clean mine occasionally.
Fair enough. We do have a patlock fitted with the shoulderd spindles as well as a second layer of protection. Mind you that doesnt stop a brick going through the glass and nor does a lock:)

The other problem with them is that a draught blows through them, im quite tempted to seal up the outer face as we never use the keys from the outside.
The other problem with them is that a draught blows through them, im quite tempted to seal up the outer face as we never use the keys from the outside.

Take the handles off and sellotape or place some thin foam on the back of the keyhole adaptor and refit the handles
With a lever lock, you can just swap the levers to suit your new key, and put back everything else as original. I am a Chubb enthusiast (now rebranded Union), and a locksmith can supply new levers and keys in sets. An ERA agent could supply a set or alter your old lock to suit new keys. There should be no need to buy a new gearbox or 5-point mechanism. If you are handy with a screwdriver you could do it yourself in a matter of minutes (it is quicker after the first time)

for example

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