Changing a washer in a bathroom tap

7 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom

I have bathroom tap thats leaking badly and I have finally realised that I need to change the washer once and for all. Thing is, I cant get the so***ding tap apart to get at the washer.

If you imagine an old style tap that you might find on original iron bathes. It has a chrome cross shaped handle, on top of a chrome pole, which goes in to a dome'esque shaped cover, under which are the washer orientated bits.

The handle is held on the vertical pole by a small screw, whcih I have removed. And thats where I get stuck. The handle just wont budge. I thought perhaps the handle itself screws on to the pole, and is then held in place by the screw, but the handle wont budge in either direction, even with the help of a big hammer. I thought perhaps the handle pressed vertically on to the pole, so again my hammer came in to play, but the handle wont budge in the upward direction.

With the handle in place, i cant lift the dome cover high enough to get at the washer gubbins underneath. I can lift the dome high enough to know whats underneath, but no more.

Anyone know how the hell i get the handle of the tap?

Photo of my tap is here;


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Check to see if a screw is hiding under the H or C which you can prize off if not you either need more force when pulling handle up or a new tap

Spray a little dw40 or like on tap handle to spindle leave to soak in. Open tap and find a piece of wood you can put either side between tap handle and cover (bell shape). Tighten tap handle down that might move it.

This way takes it to pieces as a unit.
Open tap fully.
Loosen cover.
Undo valve nut.

Hope this helps.
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Yes..............and you can overhaul those old BS1010 taps once you`ve got them apart..they`ll last forever ;)

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