Chimney breast removal

31 Aug 2020
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United Kingdom
Got a semi detached bungalow,

neither chimney is attached to the party wall, the chimney goes in between the roof timbers and doesn’t interfere with the roof joists or structure at all and neither chimney acts as a buttress for a wall.

just goes straight up between the roof joists and timbers with nothing fixed to it.

if I remove them completely so no gallows brackets required.

Is building notice still required? As the chimney is non structural.

just asking for advice before I put it to building control, but need to be sure because I’m having a lot of other work signed off so they will be making visits and if they see I’ve messed with chimney don’t want to get into trouble.

they are signing off floor joists, floor insulation, exterior wall insulation, electrics, upvc windows, water heater.

Just wasn’t sure as the standard response I gather is yes they do require notice as it’s usually structural, I.e attached to party wall or holding up an upstairs floor etc.

but in this instance there is nothing structural about them.

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