Chimney rebuild scaffold or scaffold tower

23 Jun 2018
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United Kingdom

I need my chimneys rebuilding, these are located on the side of the house above my neighbours garage.
A couple of builders say I require scaffolding (expensive) but wondering why they cannot use a tower instead?

The chimney is leaning and needs correction, so will need a rebuild.

Will attempt to post a pic in a moment.
Any advise helpful


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but wondering why they cannot use a tower instead
Probably because their risk assessment said that was the most appropriate access equipment given the nature and duration of the work, and the location. They aren't likely to risk breaking their or their employees neck to save a few quid for the customer, as you don't get many second chances falling from height (most common reason for death in the construction industry)
With a Scaffold Tower there is limited work space, with scaffolding the work space is bigger so therefore several men can work on the same job
Scaffold tower! Good luck with that. Take some photos of the job as you remove the load from the chimney and place it onto the tower.
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Pro builders would use a scaffold -because a scaffold will be built by a scaffold company and they have to build safe structures or their insurance wouldnt last long.

Scaffolding is a skilled trade, with qualifications and set standards.

A builder sticking up a tower, is unlikely to have had proper training. Ive seen many towers assembled incorrectly on site.

As others have said working at height is very dangerous. If a builder did that from a tower and someone had a fall, the HSE would come down like a chimney of bricks.

Pay for a building company to do it with a scaffold, then the risk of a fall is much reduced.
A couple of builders say I require scaffolding (expensive) but wondering why they cannot use a tower instead?
You put a tower up and you go up there and you will see the light. Just hope it's not the light guiding you to the afterlife. :cautious:
Where would you stand the tower - on the neighbours garage roof?
Are the houses semis because of the garage ?
So you want a builder to remove and rebuild two chimney stacks, from a tower resting on your neighbours garage roof? Good luck in finding one who stupid or desperate enough to take that on.
Your builder will likely use a chute (to drop the bricks into a skip) which will need scaffolding to secure it.

Out of interest who advised on the need for replacement, as chimneys’ can lean and still be safe.


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