chimney with valley running through middle



hi all
my house has 2 pitch roofs one next to and parallel to the other that are of equal dimensions and on the same level.
the chimney is placed smack bang in the middle of the roofs and straddles the valley where water runs off a seriously shallow slope from teh back of the house to the front and into a gutter.
the chimney serves four fireplaces with one flue on each corner and at roof level there is a valley that divides the 4 into 2 virtual chimney albeit they are all housed in the same stack.

hope this is boring you all to bits so far : )

i have water on the breast(chimney-not missus) inside the house and need to redo the flaunching for one but also the part of this valley that runs through the chimney needs some resurfacing also.

just wondering what kinda of mortar is going to be best to ensure that it will be properly waterproofed?

someone did do the flashing around the stack before we bought the placed and they even bothered to put new felt down on the valley between the pitches-except where it passes through the chimney..

the fire places are not in use at the moment but will be reinstated at some point if that has any bearing on anything..?

cheers peeps
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24 Aug 2010
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United Kingdom
munching, hi.

Would suggest that if you are going to replace the cement with lead?

Cement will FAIL probably not today or tomorrow but it will fail!

All cement will crack over time and that will allow rain water to get in to the house.

I work as an Insurance Surveyor, if and when I come across a leaky roof with cement "Sques" [a Scottish term, for any cement between the slates / Tiles and the masonry / brick work on a roof] I will decline the claim, why, because cement [no matter what additives have been added] will over time shrink and allow water to get into the home.

Lead on the other hand will provide "protection" against rain Penetration for tens of years.

If you can Lead is the way to go.



sounds good to me ken!

shame that they skimped when they laid the aprons around the chimney and then left the valley like that..unless someone has teleported it the local scappy..

so the whole valley should be lead lined and thats it-simple as that?

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