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21 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
Shortly I intend to extend some old pipe-work contained in a cavity wall; these pipes are quite green and “scarmy.” Posts on this forum concerning joints in inaccessible places suggest that soldering is the better option.

Although quite familiar with soldering techniques in electronics my experience of plumbing soldering is limited. I have a container of Yorkshire flux which although old, has hardly been used.

Question: would posters advise using the Yorkshire flux or invest in some La-Co flux, bearing in mind the condition of the pipes and my inexperience of this type of soldering?
Thank you,
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Get some new flux, your current flux may not be WRAS approved. I use Everflux and get on very well with it, having said that I have no experience of LaCo at all so I can't really offer a comparison. As to the condition of the pipes, you should clean the end before you solder or it may not take properly
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I use Laco self-cleaning. On lightly tarnished copper, you don't need to clean.

However, if there is crud on them like yours, you would still need to get the wire wool or cleaning pad out.

Everflux is good too.
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Hi Muggles and Whitespirit66,
Thank for the useful reply. I do appreciate the need for surface preparation, will take your advice and invest in a new container of Everflux
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Wise choice Everflux all the way,that manky Laco stinks absolutely horrible.

I wont work in property if it is being used! :LOL:
Some tawt in our warehouse, as part if an initiation ceremony, decided to slap some Powerflow flux on the face of a young newbie.
Ouch!! Red raw for about a week.

No zits for about 3 weeks, though. Do you think Boots might be interested in my new acne remedy?
If you are talking Yorkshire Traditional, it's the best and always has been.

Only problem modern plumbers don't like having to clean the pipe and fittings.

As for Everflux, horrid stuff and very corrosive.
Everflux on all water pipes - I hope no one is using it on gas pipework :)

Laco will not work if the pipe is even slightly wet.
Thanks to all the above for the most useful information.
Charnwood “Re.your Powerflow zit medicament” – watch Dragons Den next month !!!!

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