29 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
Hello all, maybe someone can help.

We are installing a cloakroom basin with chrome bottle trap. Our problem is the waste has to go along the wall approx. a metre instead of going through the wall behind the basin. Therefore, we need to source a 32mm (1 1/4") chrome waste pipe about a metre in length. Tried all the local plumb merchants etc.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how we can solve this problem or of where we might be able to get some 1 1/4" chrome pipe.

Thanks all.

Regards, Paul
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Paul - no such size.

The actual outside diameter of the pipe is bigger than the 32mm (nominal size); it'll be approximately 34.5 mm so what you should be after is 35mm chrome plated. Any decent plumbers merchant will be able to supply - it'll be 'hard' so it can't be bent easily without the correct tackle & even then there's a chance of 'crazing' the plating although with care it's possible. So your problem is going to be forming an elbow or bend (after the run from the trap) at the wall before your metre run - the fittings aren't available!

Here is the fix ... get a one piece chrome-plated high-level flush pipe (the sort for the WC cistern high up the wall) and use it as your waste. It'll come with a 90 degree bend at one end and be a knats over 37mm O.D. and if you get a chrome-plated plastic compression trap (these are available!) it'll fit. Very careful cutting to length at the bend-end then into the trap, along the wall for 1m then outside; as it's only 1m run along the wall with one end supported at the trap, the other fixed at exit point, no need for wall brackets (these would also be difficult for you source anyway).
Thanks for your reply Symptoms,

Not totally sure what you mean. Are you saying go for an 1 1/2" waste. The basin has a bottle trap already that is 1 1/4" ( 32mm ). It does not have the extension to go thro' the wall. Therefore I am sure that 35mm will not fit the trap. It will not physically fit. The pipe we need does not need to bend, it can go parallel straight from the trap to the adjacent wall.

We have been given a suggestion on another forum to get a length of 32mm copper and have it plated.

What do you think? Doesn't anybody supply 1 1/4" chrome pipe??

Surely people do not always go thro' the wall behind the basin!

Thanks for your advice, regards

The standard bottle traps in the uk have a 1 1/4 inch fitting but then a 35mm outlet pipe, there are however some continental versions around from places like bathstore etc that have a 32mm outlet pipe. Usually you can tell as the outlet pipe flares up from 32mm to 35mm. You can buy chrome waste pipe with a ninety degree angle which is used when you can't go out through an exterior wall here-

If your waste pipe is 32mm, in all honesty it may be cheaper and easier to swap your bottle trap for a standard uk one with a 35mm outlet pipe, you can then get chrome waste pipe in 35mm lengths fairly easily from either decent builders or plumbers merchant or PM me.

best of luck
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Thanks for that Jenny. The 90 degree pipe at the link you sent would be too short at 67cm. All the local places only have chrome pipe upto 28mm. Where can you get a 1 metre length of 35mm.

Thanks, regards

Paul :eek:)
Paul - the confusion is caused by how pipes/tubes are sized, generally (but not always!!!) they are sized by their internal diameter. So 32mm isn't that size in reality 'cos you've got to add the pipewall thicknesses taking it up to near 35mm. This size in chrome is available in 3m lengths (you might get a plumbers merchant to cut a bit off for you but I doubt it). You can't get the fittings as you can't solder the chrome. I assumed you needed a bend to change direction along the wall but if it's a straight run then no probs. Keep to the 1 1/4" (32mm) basin trap, and as Jenny says, the 35mm chrome WILL fit the outlet

If you had a complicated run you could (as you've hinted) have got 35mm copper tube (not 32), 35mm end-feed fittings and silver-soldered them together, then off to your local plating works. You'd be surprised at how cheap it is to get stuff plated. Why silver-solder? Soft-solder (lead) isn't sufficiently resilient to withstand the plating process.
With reference to your enquiry re 1 1/4" 32mm chrome waste for basin, the solution for your dilemma can be found in the latest McAlpine cataloge, McAlpine are a plumbing waste fitting manufacturer, they have a new range of ready made chrome 32mm1 (1/4" in old money) fittings and pipe sections to suit in 1m lengths.

Hope this helps

Dixrymple :LOL:
Yep my chrome WHB trap came with around 300mm of 32od chrome tube and 300mm of a larger size (lost it cant measure it) which I think was to slip over 32nb plastic waste. Could not get any 32od any where. so I poped it straight through the wall into kitchen and fitted a plastic compression elbow with the thicker rubber wedge from a plastic trap extender in the elbow for the smaller 32od chrome. decent seal. :D
Why do they use 32od chrome copper. I would think it would be cheaper to use a standard size of copper eg. 35od?
Quite a while ago I was asked to fit some basins in a school and was supplied with chrome traps.

I came to the conclusion the outlet pipe was in copper pipe size ( 35 mm ) but that gave me the problem that there were no waste connections to match.

It was easy to solve as the underside of the basins were to be boxed in so I fitted standard plastic traps and have the chrome ones in the store somewhere. I suppose I should find them and sell them on Ebay or something.

why can't you just take the basin off the wall and drill another hole through the wall? It would be cheaper quicker and look 10x better

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