circuit breakers? order inside of consumer unit?

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In theory largest next to Main switch or RCD and work out in size but in practice most boards have bus bars well in excess of size required and order does not matter.
ah right cheers, and one last question you see for when you go to connect the main earth and the main equipotential bonding etc where do they get connected, and in what order you know at the start of the earth bar its start with the letters E,E and then starts the numbers 1,2,3 does the E,E be used for this cables cheers?
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The E's are where you connect your main earthing and the bonding to your services.

However it is also common practice to bring a 16mm Earthing Cable from the CU to a MET block where the services bonding, CU Earth and the Mains Earth are connected, if you understand what I mean!!
ah right i see what you mean is it when you use a connector block outside the mains board, and you put the main equipotential bonding to this block as well as your main earth coming in and then take a 16mm to your board from this block is that right?
Mmmm think you've got it. It is not a connector block thou.

It is a MET block, made of solid metal with 4 or 8 ways normally.

We use the 2 E's when for example we bring the earth from the Supplier to the CU and the bonding for the services that are bonded using one single piece of earth bonding.

However when the bonding for the services involves more than 1 piece of cable we do not have enough E's and so we employ the MET block
another question.

Your wiring a ring main into the CU.

So you have your 2 cables....

The two neutral wires. do you tend to put them into the same terminal, (same hole and screw), so if the screw were to come loose, the circuit would be broken, rather than the bad idea a seperate screw so that the ring would be broken and only feed from one end without noticing a fault...

or do you not even bother considering screws coming loose ?

earths would be opposite, so to always ensure an earth.
I hope I never have to service one of your boards.

Have you noticed the numbers on the earth bar?
They correspond with the CU position for the breaker so (if its a ring) the two line conductors go into the MCB in position 1 (eg)
the two neutral conductors go in position 1 in the neutral bar and
the two cps go in position 1 in the earth bar.

Otherwise you'll have a heck of a job doing any remedial work in the future.
Put both of them into one crimped pin terminal.

Guaranteed to endear you to any electrician who works on it in the future...

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