Long story short. Had to register a few years back for CIS due to an accountants mistake that cost them well over 5 grand to sort out and we got a bill of£18000 quid withdrawn from taxman.

Heard nothing since until about 6 weeks ago when payment book and a letter saying payment for May now due.

Was going to ignore it thinking mistake.
But phoned tax office and said to guy i have received this but have not been registered for at least 2 years.

Few hits onto computer and he says your right you have not been registered since sept 2007.


You are not registered on 2 off our systems but still registered on at the main office in northern ireland.

And you owe at least 200 penalties by the look of it.


But dont panic you will be getting letters through the door but i will cancel the bills and you will get a letter to let you know.

Week later 56 letters come through and everyone has at least 3 letters in them with 100 quid owed on each also some have an additional one with a bill for thousands on it.

Week later 56 letters come through with same amount of letters in them with the bills cancelled.

I have not even attempted to add up the penalties it must have been horrendous.

If this had been a genuine bill it is ridiculous they allow it to go this length of time and end up getting penalty payments on top of penalty payments without contacting people.
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:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . NA full story involves MP ,tax lawyers, change of policy etc. And 2 years of worry for the accountant. and would go on for pages ;)
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