Insurance Broker Misbehaving

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We'll straighten this one out please. Her credit History is shot to bits, I know this as in the earlier years it has cost us 10's of thousands to get her out of the poo.

She is older now, still struggles with money.

My beef isn't with my Daughter it's with the insurance broker. Happy Face!!
I have taken your advice and I will be writing to my Daughter's Broker on her behalf to lodge a formal complaint. I will make sure my Daughter notifies them and gives authority for this course of action.

Personally I think it stinks. And it's my Daughter so I'm super protective of her.

I agree, it really stinks and the £1000 was just a try on or they would not have reduced it by 2/3rds so easily. Make it clear you are still going to the ombudsman with the case.
I really do appreciate those of you that took the time to respond and advise me of what do. Last night when I posted I honestly thought nobody would respond.

I have drafted an email to the broker and forwarded it my Daughter to check and forward to the Broker under her own name with conditions to respond.

She has 21 days to pay the time on cover charge, or I do.

Thank you.
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I think the best option is to pay the amount in full and get the insurance re-instated. Pride is a really expensive commodity that is rarely worth the cost. This could cause her premiums to jump significantly. In the broker's defence they gave her the chance to pay up, when she failed the credit. Arguing just means the policy gets terminated. The car needs to be insured. Once its dealt with she can shop around for the renewal.
Thank you,

She actually cancelled the policy herself in the end and insured her car with another company.

So the reality is a time on cover charge, as 'she" cancelled it, but I still think forcing her past her cooling off period before notifying her of the issue stinks.
So the outcome,

The credit check was carried out on the 18th of April, 12 days after the policy was renewed and the broker notified on the 20th of decline. The broker, emailed, SMS and wrote to my Daughter that day addressing the urgency and giving 7 days to arrange alternative payment. On the 28th of April the Broker issued a letter of cancellation of insurance which takes effect from the 4th of May.

On the 1st of May my Daughter decides to ring broker "god only knows why she left it so long' -"Head - Sand - Buried" springs to mind and cancels the policy herself. Time on cover charge is £85 and broker fee is £257.00.

I have advised my Daughter to set up a payment plan with them to pay off the debt.

I still think 12 days to carry out checks and 2 to notify is fishy, but I can't prove anything.
I still think 12 days to carry out checks and 2 to notify is fishy, but I can't prove anything.

I agree - It is all instant now and online, only takes a minute. The broker fee seems ridiculously high too, normally they charge maybe £10 to £20 for a change of policy, cancelling a policy must be simpler / take less time. I would suggest the broker is in financial trouble and trying to make money how best they can. Why not ask them to justify that charge in writing - bet they charge reduces like the morning mist, just as the £1000 charge disappeared once challenged.
She cancelled the contract, she has to pay. She can argue the broker fee does not reflect the actual costs, but includes an unenforceable penalty and negotiate a bit.
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