Tax Dodgers and Money-Laundering

15 Nov 2005
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Cook Islands
The House of Commons today is due to debate the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill.

The Bill is necessary to be able to clamp down on money laundering, which enables not only criminals and mobsters, but so too terrorist networks, to continue their activities.

One way in which the Bill will make it easier to catch bad guys or tax cheats is to know whose money is going through offshore tax havens.

There are proposals for a public register of all the companies holding money in Overseas Territories.

Here's an easy question.

Do you think Mrs May's Tory Government is in favour, or against these proposals?
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Anyone who isn't a tax evading offhshore millionaire should welcome more tax transparency. There is no economic justification for it.
(same link)

"5m ago 14:25

Helen Goodman, a shadow Foreign Office minister, is speaking in the debate now. She welcomes the government’s acceptance of NC6. (See
2.22pm.) But she says if public registers of beneficial ownership are right for the overseas territories, they should be right for the crown dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) too. "

Very fair point.
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I guess its off to the south america or the middle east for the next tax bolt hole.

lol. Why did you bring up these links? Did you go on a fishing trip trying to find something to discredit the labour party and you came up with the telegraph article which is beyond bad reporting.

Political parties - most of their income is non taxable anyway so the idea they made profits when its actual considered as a surplus. As to the tory party paying tax they must have done something exceptional which was taxable.

Have a look at the accounts yourself. The answer is right there.

I have not looked into the second link.

I am surprised you think that this is an issue of political points scoring. So you are against the register?
Try telling our resident (non:ROFLMAO:) mod (y)

FWIW, I think politicians of all persuasions are all equally as likely to be at the trough.

Here. Here.

I am sure there are some politicians who are upstanding but they are probably few and far between.

It still saddens me that my favourite MP Ken Clarke didn't become PM - I think he would have been brilliant.
A bit like all those in the Lords with their EU pensions......

I recall that any person wanting to take a seat in the Lords has to agree that he will be a UK taxpayer.

Do you think you know otherwise?

To his undying shame, former party treasurer and deputy chairman, multimillionaire Tory donor Lord Ashcroft said he would, but didn't.

I don't think members of our government should be tax-dodgers or have secret offshore accounts in, for example, Panama. Do you?
I recall that any person wanting to take a seat in the Lords has to agree that he will be a UK taxpayer.

That's not the part that encourages EU bias though, is it.....

remember Neil Kinnock?

When an Austrian Member of Parliament filmed EU MPs rolling up to the Parliament building in limos, engines running, nipping in and signing the attendance register and then leaving within minutes having claimed £175 for a day’s expenses, he reported it to OLAF which is the EU’s agency for fighting fraud and corruption… Trouble is, OLAF is headed by Neil Kinnock – and one of the EU MPs filmed claiming fraudulent expenses was Glenys Kinnock – instead of being busted behind bars, they were given Life Peerages and sit on a family fortune of – allegedly – £10 MILLION – and most of that is tax payers’ money!

Remember Peter Mandelson? is he a teensie bit pro EU?

I wonder why:

In addition, when Mandelson reaches 65, he can look forward to a guaranteed EU pension - based on his four-year stint in Brussels - starting at £31,000 a year and rising in line with the cost of living. Pensions experts said last night that to buy an income of that size would require a fund of around £750,000.

Not bad for 5 years of work in the EU
I'd be in favour of it but it's highly unlikely to work. Apple spend millions to avoid paying billions. Some people spend their lives trying to avoid paying any tax, their called accountants. There's dirty money and money laundering everywhere.
J.D did u know that the Bloke who owns the daily wail does not pay tax in the U.K ;) :)

Does R. Branston pay Tax ??
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