Clay gully and hopper repair

Dont squeeze it, give yourself elbow room by digging down another 300mm say, before making a cut/connection. You could always re-position the gulley further to the right to create a little more space?

Plug the pipe with newspaper before cutting.

The invert at the manhole is about 700mm from GL.

Mark an accessible cut line & and cut cleanly if possible - or cut and nibble down towards the cut line to gain access for a clean cut.

Nip up the metal band screw on the rubber conn fitting(s) and leave accessible for 24hrs then come back and snug up the screws - they will have relaxed.
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Sorry, was a bit quick posting questions... Bottle gullies are generally about 30cm tall, but it will sit near the clay pipe, not on top, so I don't have a height issue. The angle might be an issue, but I've noticed adjustable bend (single socket) that I could use if the standard 15-20-30deg don't work. Is this about right?
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Use the "push in " connector and the adjustable bend(s).easier than the 2 bands that need tightening as long as you can get a couple of fins in past that broken bit. Don't forget to keep the pics. coming - we're saving you a fortune(y)
Oh dear... thanks to ree and Nige F for their recommendations.
Latest... it seems not only the U bend was damaged. I shined a light down the pipe and there seems to be another junction, and it has slipped, or in any case doesn't seem to be joining or sealed.
Photo looking down into the pipe. I've put a tiny bit of water to fill up the small gap:

After 20 minutes, same photo, the water is gone, so I'm sure there's a leak:

I think this is beyond my diy skills, and will! I'm going to get a builder to do this. I suppose they won't bother using the old pipe, they will just lay another one, not as deep, and join the existing man hole.

Thanks all for your time and help!


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Actually, since I'm here.... and you guys have already saved me so much money ;) ... we have the recent plastic bathroom+toilet waste that goes into the manhole(in blue on the picture). When I get that builder in... should they join that or create their own run all the way to the manhole ? (shown in red on this picture):

This is looking the other way, into the manhole, in blue where the bathroom pipe arrives:
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If it was me I would add a branch into the new plastic pipe and abandon the old one.

It looks like such a simple fix I'm surprised you are not having a go yourself.
The hardest bit is getting the extra concrete up - the plastic pipe can be cut with a handsaw -£8 from Wickes, then a Tick gulley and a large grid on top - rainwater into the grid and waste pipe through a hole in the blank side- connect up the run with rubber sleeves as Ree said , then adjustable bends from the branch to the trap :notworthy:

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