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18 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
My house has been extended (prior to me owning it) and the downpipe from the guttering has been left dispensing water onto a concrete path on the back of the house, which sadly slopes towards the house so I'm left with a pool of water against the outside wall.

I'm doing some work on the path/driveway and would like to run the downpipe properly into the (combined) sewerage system as part of the path needs to be dug up anyway.

As the drainage is combined, I assume I need some sort of gully to prevent fowl smells from coming up through the hopper or even out of the top of the gutter (which is within 3m, and below, several opening windows).

Would a shoe on the bottom of the downpipe, and something like this: http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-110mm-Terracota-Drain-Rod-Eye-Bottle-Gully/p/432002 be suitable? Can I just take the outlet from that through some 110mm pipe into the manhole?
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Link wont open for me, but from the description that'll be fine. Just don't tell the building inspector what you're doing.
Hmm, my link doesn't work for me either if I click on it - trying again here - http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-110mm-Terracota-Drain-Rod-Eye-Bottle-Gully/p/432002

I don't know how the extension ever passed building control in the first place. Well if I'm honest I don't think it did. But that was years ago and well before I owned the house so I'm not overly concerned. But I shall keep quiet :)

Anyway, glad my solution seems ok. What would be normal to put below a downpipe? A bottle gully as I'm proposing, or a hopper and a P trap? I mentioned the bottle gully because it looks to require less excavation and hence less effort, but wondered what would be the "recommended" way to do it?
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Either type of gulley is fine, they both have the same purpose. Personally I prefer using a bottle gulley, for the simple reason that they provide integral access to the outgoing pipework, allowing easy access for rodding or jetting hose should the need arise.

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