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14 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom
I have and Ideal Classic FF250 gas boiler which on occasion, while running - starts clicking (for up to 20 odd seconds), and then flames out. Within about 30 seconds it cycles back up and its fine again. It lights up first time every time.
It's not been serviced in the 2 1/2 years I've been here but have been advised that with gas boilers, if they're working fine, leave 'em alone. Because it's an intermittent issue, It's unlikely to do it when I call an engineer out. Any idea's?

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Thanks 45yearsagasman. What you're saying is there are benefits in preventative maintenance, and I should just get someone out to take a look right! Seriously, I was told that servicing breaks seals and risk blocking jets and can cause more problems than they identify. You obviously disagree! I am more concerned that the fault won't present itself when I have an engineer out!
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Thanks for that. I thought this was a forum to share the wealth of knowledge from many experienced craftsmen, and I'm being told to look in the manual! The manual does not refer to the defect I have explained, and I've taken it on board about the maintenance as advised by 45yearsagasman! Does anyone have any suggestions as to the defect? Ideas as to the cause may help reproduce the symptoms when I have an engineer out, and we all know how hard it is to find a fault if the symptoms don't present themselves when looked at.
Thanks bengasman but I'm looking for a little more!
The manual says every year servicing, which would contradict the advice you've been given which boils down to: don't do a thing until it keels over.
OK bengasman. We moved on from that as stated in every reply since the initial posting. Anything useful to add?
I did, hence my recommendation for a breakdown engineer, rather than a guy who can only service.
Thanks bengasman. The boiler has been excellent and is working fine with the exception of the symptom noted in my original post which happens every week or two. I am just trying to keep one step ahead as when I get an engineer out I have every confidence it'll be behaving itself! Your post is of benefit as I wasn't aware that there were two different types of engineer for this type of thing. I'll try to find a breakdown enginner and explain the symptoms and see what happens. I'll get his feedback as to whether preventative maintenance would have prevented this issue! I do understand where you are comming from as I'm a mechanical engineer - just a bit strapped for cash and maybe took some bad advise from a not so good gas engineer.
We are all called RGI, and officially, there is no difference.
The easiest job is simple servicing, especially only doing band d boilers ( the majority probably these days )
Installing ( properly ) is a little bit more complicated, but no rocket science.
Repairing ( properly ) starts with fault finding, and I doubt it is much more than 10% of all RGI's that can do that well. It is part knowledge (theoretical ) part experience, part just a knack ( like painting or playing music ) that you have or don't have.

Good breakdown engineers are usually more expensive, do not want to come out just for quoting, but do guarantee results. And busy.

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