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17 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Replaced taps on bathroom sink and bath yesterday - just the handle bit, not the whole tap itself.

Hot water taps are fine but bath cold water tap has a much reduced flow and sink cold water tap dribbles out and then stops!

Water for these taps is supplied by a water tank.

Any ideas what is wrong? I\\\'ve had to switch off the water to the bathroom before and whilst it did take a couple of hours to get back to normal, it did!
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If you shut off the water and drained anything out, then it's most likely to be an air lock.

If you search the forum for "air lock" and "taps" you should find plenty of advice.
sounds like u have an air lock in the pipework or the isolation valve has snapped nearly shut.if u just drained the cold water tank instead of turning off valves this can happen cos the pipes go down under the floor then back up to the taps when u drain it level with the taps it ceatates a water trap that a tank pressure can't push out. can u bodge fit a water main hosepipe onto the basin tap then open the tap & turn on the water to push the air back into the header tank. good idea to have some one at the basin tap to hold it on. run it about 30/40 seconds & try unoing the hose ouside to see if it will run. leave it running 4 2mins if it works.
Thanks for advice - seems like an air lock prob.

However, I have mixer taps on both bath and sink.

Woudl I attach a hose between the bath and sink taps and turn on the sink's hot water tap (which works) when I want to get the water flow going again on bath's broken cold water tap - and vice versa?

Hope that makes sense!
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You need mains water from a Sink in the kitchen to the Basin in the bathroom.......sorry to be pedantic, but calling a basin a sink adds confusion :confused:

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