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Cold to Semi-Warm Loft Insulation/Ventilation Help

Discussion in 'Roofing and Guttering' started by NJP, 16 Aug 2020.

  1. NJP


    16 Aug 2020
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    United Kingdom
    First post and new home owner.

    In the process of wanting to use the current cold loft space for retro video gaming.

    Don't expect to be doing so in dead of winter but certainly either side of it, I'm happy to wrap up in warm clothes but I don't want it so cold I'm seeing my own breath. (Not making a true warm loft).

    Worried about condensation and rotting timbers if I get this wrong so need some help with this (especially if using an electronic heater too).

    House is 2 bed mid terrance, pitched roof, 70mm rafter depth. Soffits running along the eaves of the entire front and back of the house. Standard waterproof black sarking felt.

    I know to leave a 50mm gap between the insulation in the rafters and the felt but if I then seal over the insulation from the inside with superfoil (stapled to the face of the rafters) as a VCL there is no ventilation coming in from the soffits and no where for the warm air to escape too (especially with the heat from the computer consoles and an electronic heater) this doesn't sound right to me??

    Any help to ensure condensation doesn't build while I can stay moderately warm would be appreciated!

    Thank you for reading.

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