Combi boiler not firing up

25 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Have problem with a Glow Worm Swiftflow 75. Pilot light on but does not fire up for hot water or heating.
Turn hot tap on, the fan starts, there is a little click from the fan area but no gas comes through to the main burner.
Any suggestions on how to sort greatfully appreciated.
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I had this problem a couple of months ago with our combi (not a glow worm). My problem was that the fan/pump was not spinning at a fast enough speed to allow the ignition to light the gas (there's a computer in there managing all this stuff).

A bit of WD40 worked for a couple of months then it gave up the ghost and I was £250 lighter...

I'm not an expert in this stuff AT ALL, just commenting on what - on the face of it - is a common experience.
maybe the 'computer' gives you an error message? What is a fan/pump?

A fan.
A pump.

Vague to say the least.

2 combined is a feat of modern enginering

If so, is there power to gas valve soledoid?
6v through transformer and 18v fom PCB (backup to make the 24v).

If your getting 6v at solenoid its a PCB fault.

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How sure are you that no gas passes through the gas valve, have you measured this? Its possible that the pilot is too small and that the fan is sucking the gas up into the flue before it is ignited...

Gas valve more likely problem
Sounds more likely to be an APS not operating to me.

Job for a CORGI.

ACOperson said:
CORGI guys too expensive. I prefer Polski plumbski...


Dont they drive lorries bigger than houses for £12 a week? But hey, their chissled jaws can knock joists better than any tool I own.

Yak chsme maask!


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