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27 Jan 2024
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United Kingdom
I've a selection of different smart plugs, temperature sensors, theromstats etc which use different apps to control.

Some are on eWeLink, some on Smart Life and others on Tuya Smart. There are even a couple on apps that are pretty much proprietary, such as Govee and my Nest heating controls.

This mix wasn't intentional, it came from buying individual items at first, and setting them up on their own apps, but as I'm starting to create scenes it's getting quite restrictive.

To give ie example, my back garden lights work only with Alexa, while my front garden lights are in eWe.

Is there any way to bring everything together in one place, controlled by one app?

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Thanks. Is Alexa able to do all the clever stuff with scenes and linking things together that the other systems do?
I have Nest Mini's which use google Home app, so I also have installed may apps to initialise the device, once installed I can migrate them to the google home app, maybe with some loss of control, but they all do work with one app.
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I use Nest Mini's and they can at times behave like mischievous little boys. But in the main right command can change bulb colour, how bright etc. But the base program does have the option to adjust colour 1707924389327.jpegand colour temperature 1707924460982.jpeg so yes can do most functions, and one does not need Nest to use Google Home app. I have one bulb where one can set fade in and fade out, can't do that with Home app, and the dusk and dawn features with my smart switch can't be set with Home app. But very seldom I change those settings anyway.
Don't be silly, what data is that? What time Alexa turns my outside light on, when we turn the electric blanket on. I'll bet the CIA are absolutely drooling, knowing that :)
I've heard this one. the next line is something like "but I've nothing to hide"...was that Joe Geobbles?
The largest intelligence network in the numbers of operatives is the Santa Alleanza. It has more than twice the combined size of the CIA and MI6
I've heard this one. the next line is something like "but I've nothing to hide"...was that Joe Geobbles?
The largest intelligence network in the numbers of operatives is the Santa Alleanza. It has more than twice the combined size of the CIA and MI6

Tin foil hats come in several sizes. I'm sure you will find one to fit you.
why not come back with facts and figures rather than name calling...oy vey

I didn't name call. You have an unhealthy aversion to modern tech..

Fine, but try not to draw others in, with wild stories of the CIA/MI5 spying on the use of a basically simple bit of software..
There is a simple switch on the Nest Mini, I suspect the same with Alexa? And the microphone can be switched off. However I would agree with @Tony_Kent in that getting our systems to interact with each other is a clear advantage.

I know how warn my living room is 1708409466742.png at back of couch by door where the old damaged TRV has been placed, and behind the couch
and under dinning table 1708409685024.png and what the main thermostat in the hall is doing 1708410159112.png and adjust them all from my PC, but I have no way found to get them to automatically talk to each other. That is why I have the old TRV head on the back of the couch to see if that would be a suitable place for a second thermostat wired in parallel with the Nest one. I do find it surprising that same room shows 16.8ºC to 20ºC at night when no heating is on.

However for lighting I have them all gathered together with one app 1708410719184.jpeg so if I want to go outside I can turn on all outside lights with one app (google home) without using voice control, even when they are using a host of different makes of bulbs and controller socket adaptors and switches.
I have an attraction to 'tech', but an aversion to giving away my data. If I turn off the microphone on Alexa then the device won't do what it is asked to do! If it is switched on it must, by definition, analyse each sound until it hears the trigger word 'Alexa'. I imagine all these sounds and words are analysed, and maybe even saved, on hard drives somewhere, and if they're saved they can be retrieved, the data contained may be used for advertising or for other purposes. Hasn't just about every one of us been in a room talking about some subject only to have the coincidence of seeing an associated advert on our phone within minutes?
I remember the sad story of a promising Rugby player whose career has been blighted by something he wrote on (anti-) social media when he was twelve or thirteen. This was released to the media, blown out of proportion, and used to embarrass and discredit him when on the cusp of being selected for the international team.
Now imagine every word you've ever uttered in the privacy of your own home being saved and allocated to your identity...and doesn't Alexa now want to know your name so she can 'offer you a more personalised service'? Now that we have AI we don't need armies of analysts sifting through this mass of data, we (and they) have machines do do it.

Now imagine your young children, many years from now, maybe rising to major importance in Government, defence, or similar. A post which will mean shaping the country's political standpoints and negotiating with foreign powers, friendly and not so friendly. Suppose another power wanted to discredit them, or even foil their election bid. Would you consider that interfering with our democratic process? Would leaking a few unguarded words shouted at the TV by a teenager about Jews, Blacks, Whites, muslims, the disabled, those on benefits, etc. at an appropriate time be just enough to swing a vote against your now grown-up child??

Maybe a less Orwellian example....if I had access to all the Alexa and Google data from a particular area, street, or house, and I wanted to know which houses would be the best and least risk to rob, I'd find it a big help to see for how long they'd set their heating to 'away', or for how long it'd been since their Alexa last reported a command or question....

Tin-foil hat? No thanks.
Caution is the watchword.....didn't they used to say that walls have ears?

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