Common Appliance Problems





1) No water coming in

Check hoses are not kinked, feed taps turned on. If fill valve does not hum, chances are it needs replacing.

2) Water not emptying

Is the filter blocked, or the waste pipe blocked? If connected by spigot under sink, did you cut spigot end off? Pump may need replacing or has a bad connection.

3) Water coming in when not on

Clear water means the fill valve is letting by and needs a new valve.

Dirty water means the waste pipe is blocked which is common to connecting machine waste via a spigot. You should also check the grey waste pipe for blockages too.

4) No spin

Motor brushes are worn which need changing. click me Do bear in mind this is a Hotpoint washing machine.

5) Banging on spin

Loose concrete weight

6) Sounds like "aircraft taking off" on spin

If you can move stainless steel drum up and down then the bearings have gone. The bearings have worn through old age or you have constantly been overloading the drum.

If you spin the drum by hand and it makes a "grinding noise" your bearings are on their way out.

7) Rattling noise on spin

Coin stuck between inner and outer tubs. Remove pump and tip machine towards pump and you should be able to get it out.

8 ) Sticks not long after initial fill

It waits while the water is brought up to the correct temperature. If the heater has failed the water will not get up to temperature and will not start its cycle. Check by opening the soap drawer and you should be able to hear it heating like a faint kettle.

9) Sticks on rinse

No cold water is coming in.

10) Clothes wet after wash

Water not emptying and allowing machine to spin. Clean filter out.

11) Conditioner tray full of water after cycle

Top hat siphon is blocked, take out all of tray and clean it

Conditioner tray still full of conditioner

2nd cold valve not opening. On some machines its a mechanical arm that diverts water to conditioner. Check the arm is moving or change complete twin valve.

12) Drum smells

This is because of the build up of "scum" which is very common with liquid detergents. Put half a packet of washing soda crystals in the drum, and run machine on a very hot wash.

Inside a Hotpoint washer is here



A dishwasher is not a waste disposal unit!
All plates etc should be rinsed off first to remove any left over food, as this will block the filter.

Plastic in dishwasher turning pink

Tomato sauce dyes plastic pink! Remove sauce before placing in washer.

Do not put all forks in one compartment in the cutlery basket. Mix them all up as the gap will allow water to get in to clean them.

If the dishwasher motor isn't working, (i.e. it doesn't wash the dishes or pump out) you should check the large capacitor that's near the motor. Could be a short circuit ie no resistance when you connect your multimeter across it.
You can get replacements from Maplins for around £3. Beats the cost of a new motor or even a call out charge!

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Banging on spin - another possible cause

The drum on my old HP was supported by two gas filled shock absorbers, screwed to the drum casing and to the chassis. The threaded end of one of them had sheared off. This resulted in the drum twisting horizontally and the rear pulley fouled on the casing.

Solution was to change the shock. Quite a major job cos you have to take a lot of bits out to get to the shock.
I also had this problem with my ASKO. My initial thoughts were that it was probably due to one or more of the suspension legs being on the way out however it actually turned out to be one of the rubber shock absorbers (located between the drum and mount) that had worn through.. too bad it cost me a £60 call out to find out although I cant really complain as its the first problem its given me in over twelve years of use! :)
Please note:
This is a U.K. Based forum. If you are not in the U.K. I am sorry but we can not really help you as your appliances are not the same as ours. I.e whirlpool. maytag etc.

Maytag seems popular in America, but not over here, Maytag posts often get no replies. See this example

In the U.K. We prefer front loaders, top loaders are not common. So if you have one..........Or if you are not in the U.K. I suggest you try a "local" (To you) internet based forum

Please note sorry but you will not find any hotpoint pictures from me. I Hosted them on my own website, which has now gone, and it was at least 10 years old anyway
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Banging in a hotpoint, could mean that the heat convertor plate has become detached from a washer/dryer, which means that the whole assembly becomes detached. and causes more damage to the machine. x2 in my machine..the metal bracket has snapped off, so heating functions are now defunct, and the machine makes a banging noise.
Just on to drop in here - may be common knowledge but...

Bosch washing machines - to factory reset unplug and leave un-powered for 3 hours (as advised by Bosch customer support). We had a 'dead' machine, did this and it worked fine again. I wonder how many folk unplug, leave for 15 minutes, try it again and then go out and buy a new one etc.
Error Codes Hotpoint wf and wd models

f01 light 4, motor triac
f02 light 3 motor, jammed/ tacho
f03 lights 3&4 Ntc fault
f04 light 2. pressure sw stuck on empty
f05 lights 2&4, pressure sw stuck on full
f06 lights 2&3, N/A?
f07 lights 2&3&4 heater relay
f08 light 1. heater relay
f09 lights 1&4 eprom/setup error
f10 lights 1&3, pressure switch not sensing
f11 lights 1&3&4, pump/draining error
f12 lights 1&2, communication error
f13 lights 1&2&4, dryer ntc/ fan motor
f14 lights 1&2&3, dryer heater
f15 lights 1&2&3&4, dryer heater relay
f16 N/A
f17 light 4, door lock
f18 light 3 comms error (3 phase motor) power board

So in this instance with the second light flashing the error code would be f04 light 2. pressure sw stuck on empty

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