complete heat 55 boiler from hell


9 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
any body out there got any sujestions
went out to a gloworm compleatheat 55 been stood dormant empty property.
fan was jammed so so cleaned out and serviced boiler replacing fan .
great boiler fired up sweet as a nut,well at least long enough for me to finish setting gas rate etc and re fitting casing,
then boiler shuts down and would not start again,not without me keep powering up and switching off power. the boiler would then fire up run a while then, to same senario as soon as it shuts down, it will not relight, only the 1st two leds light on the pcb board at this stage the third led is not lit, which is aps fan prooved.
the aps appears to be working fine from comm to no to nc as per should be, further investigation found no voltage to aps.
if i apply a 240v supply to aps for a split second the boiler will start fan prove aps prove pilot and pcb and light. but on pausing just goes back to same as above, suspected pcb so rang gloworm after giving my life story and corgi no, they said pcb, iam always weary of technical as most always say pcb,as we all well know, but upon having took their advice well they made the thing. :LOL: fitted new pcb, yes youve guessed it same problem further head scratching and investigation found if i remove the grey cover just below black solinoid and gently ease the brass cantilever on the gas valve, power is restored to boiler then same sequence as previous.
iam not one to keep throwing bits on so cautios of replacing gas valve any advice from other engineers would be nice thanks. both solinoids have 240v when boiler doing as it should,rang gloworm they said the board fitted must be faulty
as it was a replacement part no supplier (reputable) ordered guenuine part. only difference on this board is the wiring lable glued to front still same fault

oh by the way the fan was ceased solid and not an impulse diagnosis of problem.pcb on the other hand was gloworms doing lucy for land lord he is a freind of mine with a letting agency of his own so board can go back on my van untill needed any one else might have fleeced him or found the problem :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

ps sorry if i have gone on a bit
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Its difficult for me to follow what you are explaining so I dont think I am able to give you much advice. But did you measure the contact resistance of the APS in each position.

I dont need to use manufacturers help lines.

It does make me wonder how people who do respond when the advice is top change the PCB and that does not cure the problem.

I expect its the less able who just charge the customer regardless.

Has anyone ever tried to get a refund for the expensive part from the maker as a result of inadequate advice given?

I only use them if i an totally stuck, find they tend to know less than me and I am always willing to admit if iam stuck as i do not know every thing about every boiler wish i did. every thing apears to be fine the with the aps the problem is no voltage to the aps yet nothing should interlock before aps proved fan or not, with no voltage the fan is not even attempting to run if you apply voltage, to aps every thing goes as normal then shuts down as described
its the absence of voltage that has me baffeled

,a few years a freind of mine tried to get a refund on a board from the manufacture on a brand new boiler that they said board
that had a fault, that was not board they would not budge this was christmas 23rd dec manufacturer said would come out after christmas. so he fetched a board did not cure the problem eventually found problem
so he took board from original boiler back to merchant with explanation as what went wrong as merchant told him to ring manufacturer and deducted cost of board from merchant and got away with it lucky sod
wms I find it impossible to understand you.
Please use shorter sentences!
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grammer, and punctuation were never my top subject. but i have put in a few more commas, and full stops.

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