Ravenheat 82e combi boiler fuse keeps blowing

OP: Unfortunately/fortunately, in today's litigious society, if you've a mate "who knows" and can guide you, with their support, nobody's the wiser and all's well and good :whistle:. But, asking for same advice, on an open forum, from a complete stranger, creates a chain of evidence and culpability awaits the deed-doer should anything go amiss!
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I dont mind having a go at changing boiler parts ie fans diverter valves etc im not breaking the law.. but wouldn't touch anything to do with gas. So if i do need to change the gas valve its time to call in gas safe engineer.

But the problem is that you should not be touching any of those parts associated with burning the gas, gas valve, PCB, fan and flue etc. And you are contravening the Gas Safety and Use Regulations.

You could try measuring the continuity from each pin of the GV to earth/chassis of the boiler. It seems that yours may be shorted to earth. Ideally test with a Megger at 500 v. It may not register any short at a test meter 2-3 v and needs to be tested on a 1 MEG range.

But if the GV is failed you need that replaced by an RGI. They need to be set up in the boiler to give the correct combustion conditions and burn safely. DIYers don't usually realise that!
Just an update for anyone else with same problem. Its sorted now. Traced the fault to the ignition board. It was burnt and had bit of damage and there was sometimes continuity between neutral and live but no all the time. Changed the board cost £60 from ebay so not too bad since i saved on calling a gas engineer out.
Thanks agile for your help
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So do you think its the ignition pcb board at fault making the fan oscillate? All i wanted was a certificate but hes done summa to the boiler now.
Had a gas safe engineer come to do a safety certificate and got a call from him saying hes took of the front cover and put his screwdriver to the turn gas valve screw and the 2 amp fuse blew on the pcb board. He said the boiler was running and getting hot water when he got there but he swears he didn't touch anything.

That is strange indeed
A safety check does not involve any tweaking or adjusting. The check is a measure and observation of key functions

Are you sure the Gas safe engineer is is not called adam911? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
If i messed with it i would have said as have done boiler work in the passed hench why i carried on this old post from 2 years ago as it looks like the same symptoms but only this time the the fuse was blowing at first and now its not but now the fan is going fast slow fast slow and burner not kicking so make me think if the ignition board not getting the signal that the fans running.
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Are you sure the Gas safe engineer is is not called adam911? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:[/QUOTE]

Adm911 cant sign off gas certificate so wont be him.
Why do i do your head in? If you don't want to respond anything productive to my post then why bother at all?
It a forum for help and advice. I pay to get a gas certificate only to have a call to say boiler doesn't work now when its been fine just seems like a coincidence.
The guys probably tried to take a working or burner pressure reading, so it is purely coincidence the board could have failed again.

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