Connecting to Texecom Panel using Wintex Software

16 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I'm hoping for a little help.

I posted on the Texecom Support forum and it was promptly removed!

When I took this building on there was a Texecom Premier Elite 24 installed but was not being used. I have managed to commission the alarm and it appears to be working great, I have also upgraded it with The Texecom Connect Unit with Wifi and I can connect to the alarm using the app.

I still need to tweak a few things in the config and was wondering how easy it would be for me to do this using Wintex, I have tried using the menu system via the RKP but find this awkward, time confusing and I easily get lost/confused as to where I actually am and have to cancel out and start again, the information I have seen online makes the software look like it is A LOT easier.

I am not an alarm engineer and cannot afford to pay one, hence I got it all working again myself, lets say I am a competent enthusiast.

I have installed the software and just need to know what I need to do next, where do I put the IP of the Panel..... or is that not how it works. is it simply a case of ensuring the laptop is on the same subnet, click "Connect" and enter the App code when requested?

I'm trying to get everything sorted in my head before going to site to do the work, at least it is warm here

Also, when using the app I Sync'd with the panel and the additional user I added appeared but I was unable to select to allow then to use the app, when I logged out and in as an engineer the user had disappeared, I'm sure i'm doing something wrong and the panel/app is working as expected.

Kind regards
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Firstly no idea why the post would have been deleted that is something you would have to take up with them.

Wintex can make it easier to mess things up if you have no idea what you are doing to be fair.

Many diyers claim to have things functioning, in reality they have a system that appears to be functioning, which isn't necessarily the same thing.

As you appear to be using a smart com, you will need an app code to setup the wintex connection along with the udl pasccode.

Which version of the app were you using?

WRT the user scenario, hard to say without knowing the app your using, where you added the user and how.
Thanks for the reply.

I know I can generate an app code using the RKP, where would I find the UDL code?

The app is just the Texecom app from the App Store so I assume it’s the latest version.

I fully appreciate it would probably be very easy to mess thing up using Wintex, I’m an IT engineer so know not to play with settings if I don’t know what they relate to. I simply want to be able to amend zone names and type, the basics really.

The user was added using the RKP
You must have set one for the app to have worked as the the apps on the texecom system won't work without one.

So you would find it in engineering in udl/ digi options (7) udl options (5 or 6 depending on if you have ip module or smart com setup).

Then you can set it up in wintex.
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Thanks I’ll report back on the outcome, hopefully everything will go well. I still need to know where to get the UDL code from, is that in engineering menu also?
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Well I’ve arrived at site and now it’s saying Power O/P fault Aux 12v. Can’t enter any code

does that sound like the battery to you guys?
I got it all pretty much sorted. Cycled the power and battery and all appears good now. Connected via wintex and named zones etc, all working as I wanted with the exception of the exit entry time. Works fine for exit but as soon as I enter it triggers alarm, I’m assuming this is timer 1 and timed 2 setting, I had to leave site so did not have time to try changing the settings
need to know what it says in the event.

Then what the entry zones are programmed as, and the arming mode I guess.
I managed to sort it so it gives a timed entrance. All that’s left to figure out now is that the entry zone is a PIR as opposed to a door contact, occasionally the alarm triggers straight after arming and all I can assume is that the PIR is idle when the arming is commenced and it becomes active when the person exists which it triggering the alarm to sound, does this sound possible? I would have thought a entry/exit would allow activation during entry/exit time. Is there any way to get around this?
I don't follow as you appear to contradict.

If the system is set up correctly you would have an door contact set to e/e and the our to guard access and have the exit mode as e/e.

If your using a pir as e/e you need to set the exit mode to timed.
There is no door contact, only a PIR at the entrance watching the door.

All zones are in Area A which is set to timed Exit in Wintex

zone 1 is the PIR at the entrance and is set to entry/exit zone.

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