Controversy regarding LGBT lessons in primary schools

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Transam's homophobia is as rampant as his other bigotry.

This is just one example of his raging prejudices.
As I said, he'll adopt any narrative to promote his bigotry, in all its forms.

Bigotry is taught to children from an early age, by their parents and other relatives. For some education gives them an enlightenment, but for some like transam, their bigotry is so entrenched they feel the need to promote it at every opportunity. Even when an opportunity does not arise, they'll create one.
Supposedly, he's ignoring me. Are you suggesting that he's not, and he's lying?

Is trolling allowed on this forum? Or is just some posters are allowed to troll with impunity?
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there was a report on the radio yesterday concerning some teacher who used them charlie wat sit cartoons in some lesson

he as been cleared of any wrong doing

dare say "him again captain daz" will be up set and dissapointed :idea:;)
Not absolutely correct,
He's been cleared of not intentionally causing offence.
has been cleared of causing deliberate offence and told he can have his job back.
Perhaps Notch7 represented him,
Investigation finds teacher ‘genuinely believed’ Prophet Muhammad picture had educational purpose
He genuinely believed the cartoons were not offensive. Which planet has he been on for the last few years.
And just because he believed it was not offensive does not mean it was not offensive. It was and is offensive, to Muslims.
So he can continue teaching, but anyone as dopey as that, I would not want teaching my kids.