Cooker Electrical Part. Cannot Find It

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25 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I am wondering if you can help me identify the following electrical part for my cooker. I have tried 5 different spare companies over 2 weeks but nobody has a clue and I'm a little stuck now.

It is a part for my Whirlpool AKM216/IX Gas Hob (SN 857121615000) and connects the ignition switch to two wires underneath the Hob to create what I presume is the spark.

It looks like a simple connection terminal but after looking at the Whirlpool technical schematics, they only identify the ignition switch, (which I have ordered before and this part doesn't ship with the switch) and the spark generator, which is £40-£50 and doesn't match the part.

I am hoping somebody has a clue what this piece could be. Its about the size of a 10p piece if that helps. Thought Id try this forum first but please advise if you think it belongs elsewhere.

Many Thanks


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It's a plug connector with 2 spade type connectors in it, to which the wires are crimped. this pushes onto the two blades sticking out of the bottom of the ignition switch.

There appears to be nothing wrong with the connector so why was it cut off?

You wont get one of these from a spares company. You may be able to get one from Whirlpool, but you'll need a crimper to reconnect the spades.

Alternatively, you could just crimp on two insulated spade connectors to the loose wires and fit those, it shouldn't matter which way around they go.
Many thanks for the info Driller, ill look at doing that

The ignition button was quite temperamental and when I bought a new ignition button and tried to fit it, this part wasn't attached properly so I removed the wire and thought it would be an easy part to source and re-fit, which it isnt.

Again, thanks for the advice
That looks like a plastic housing containing two generic ¼" / 6.3mm spade or Lucar female connectors. Crimp connectors without the plastic housing are available from electrical and car accessory retailers.

The usual form are straight, rather than right-angle entry, so re-using the plastic housing may be problematic. Individual insulating boots for the connectors are available if you wish to dispense with the housing.

The crimp connectors are colour coded according to wire size. Red (1.5mm) would probably be appropriate.
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Brilliant. Thanks TicklyT I have just been researching spade connectors and had a question of which color and size would be most appropriate.

Funny how difficult you can think something is until you get some advice from people who know isnt it.

Thanks again


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