cooker hood vs boiler in same room

30 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
I am looking into installing a cooker hood to put above a gas cooker, however, we have just purchased a combi condensing boiler for the kitchen with a horizontal flue to get rid of fumes externally. After looking online it would appear that due to UK regulations this means we can not have our cooker hood ducted due to having a boiler in the same room? Is this correct? The information I have read says that this is only possible when you have a balanced flue, but I'm not sure what this is...... :cry:
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I think it is all dependent on the location of the flues externally. ie; they need to be a minimum distance apart, both horizontally and vertically.

However I think you should contact an expert on this, such as CORGI themselves, to get 100% accurate information on this.
condensing boiler will be a room sealed appliance
so no probs as long as the flue and fan outlet are 300 mm apart minimum :)

the rule you refer to only applies to open flued appliances
Clare123 said:
... a balanced flue, but I'm not sure what this is...... :cry:
Balanced flue, room sealed appliance - means the boiler flue has two connections to the outside. It takes in air from outside and vents combustion products outside.
Whatever system of ventilation or extraction you have in your kitchen should not impact on the performance or safety of your boiler.
I'd be very surprised if your condensing boiler as described does not have a balanced flue?
As for the minimum distance - well you'd better check with an expert. There are regs about where the boiler vent can be relative to incoming ventilation.
But as a non-expert I wonder why it matters where it is relative to an extraction outlet?
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kevplumb said:
in case the wind blows the poc back down the fan exhaust
Right enough - does make sense from the point of view of a regulator. I was thinking of my fan exhaust that has louvres to avoid the wild west wind blowing through my Kitchen :D
Best to contact the manufacturer in a case like this and double check with them.

I had a similar query, and asked the manufacturer who told me it was OK to fit a fan in the same room as their boiler, providing there was a certain distance between the two. I asked them to give me it in writing, which proved invaluable as BG came in later that month to service the boiler and sealed it off as "DANGEROUS. DO NOT USE". One letter and red face later, all was well.
i know it sounds stupid
but if the louvres break then you have a path for the poc to re enter the room
these are the regs we have to work to :LOL:

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