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Correct Lintel?

Discussion in 'Building' started by Daniel Kirton, 16 Jun 2021.

  1. Daniel Kirton

    Daniel Kirton

    9 Jun 2021
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    United Kingdom

    I have a single skin brick garage that we want converting into a garden room / office. I have asked for the garage door to be blocked up with an extra block in height all round. The roof will be a flat cold epdm roof, and a new opening will be cut to accommodate french doors. The roof joists run parallel to the new opening and the builder has recommended a 100x150x2400 steel box lintel, there will be a course of commons and a course of aerated blocks above the lintel.

    my question is, is the box lintel suitable for a solid external wall, and can it be rendered over as the exterior walls are to be rendered to cover the mismatched bricks and blocks etc.

    thanks in advance
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